Missionary Rahel Landrum was tending to a customer in our book store in London when the phone rang. She spoke briefly with James (whose father is Israeli) then passed the information on to her husband and co-worker, Mark. Mark met with James, who repented and asked Jesus to be Lord of his life on the very first visit! Soon after, feeling somewhat uncertain of his decision, James asked God to give him a sign of His reality. James was standing in front of his window as he prayed, and immediately a shooting star appeared, just where he happened” to be gazing! That really shook James, but confirmed the reality of his Saviour. Mark says, “It’s been great to see the change in James. He used to run a porno bookstore; now he turns down lucrative offers because God has made him a new person.”

Rahel (who was born in Romania and raised in Israel) is currently meeting with three unbelieving Israeli women on a regular basis: Shahar, Yaffa and Shoshana. Rahel reports, “The last time I met with Shoshana, she was so eager to go on with the Bible study that she asked, ‘When shall I come again—tomorrow?!’ Please pray for Shoshana’s salvation as well as Shahar and Yaffa.”

From Odessa, outreach worker Mikhael reports, “I was at the metro station with Vlad Rekhovsky, telling him about a Jewish man I met on the train who spoke to me but did not want to give me his contact information. I saw the man a second time on a train and simply prayed for him. When I saw him a third time at Deribasovskaia, I gave him a broadside (gospel tract). Then I saw him a fourth time from a bus window, and prayed for him once again. About an hour after I had told my story to Vlad, that very same Jewish man passed by me as I was still handing out broadsides at the train station! I greeted him, and though he was reluctant at first, this time he agreed to give me his name, address and phone number. His name is Roman, and he is a cardiologist. Pray, please, for his salvation.”

Outreach worker Leonid Wassermann reports, “When we arrived at the home of Gennady Boyarchenko, the house was dark and no one answered as we knocked at the door. At last a lady looked out and asked whom we wanted. We replied that we had come to speak with Gennady. At that point he came out and said, ‘We’ll have to give up our meeting because there is no electricity in the house.’ (The electricity had been off the whole day.) We asked him to come out and talk with us a little. When we began to speak about God, Gennady said, ‘If God could show me some visible sign then I …’ and before he could finish his sentence, the lights came on! Gennady was greatly surprised and gladly continued to talk with us inside. Please pray for Gennady to be saved.”

From Los Angeles, Holly Meyer reports, “I was handing out ‘Who can You Trust’ broadsides with Stan and a volunteer named Connie at CSUN (California State University at Northridge). At the very end of the sortie, Priscilla stopped to talk with me. I explained the gospel to her and soon after led her in a prayer of salvation. Now Priscilla trusts in Jesus! Please pray that the church I contacted in her area will follow up and disciple her.”

From New York, newlywed missionary Michelle Rose reports, “God gave me a wonderful wedding gift my first day back at work. I ‘just happened’ to be by the front door when a woman named Karen dropped by the office. She told me that she wanted to volunteer with us. I began asking questions and it turned out that Karen was Jewish. While she said that she believed in Jesus, it became clear that she didn’t know what it meant to repent and have a personal relationship with Him. When I offered to lead her in a prayer of salvation, she said yes. Praise the Lord! No one could have possibly given me a gift that would give me more joy and delight!”