It is so exciting to find partners in ministry all around the world!

Last month we showed you a letter from a Christian student named Claire who’s been witnessing to Jewish friends at Oxford University. She’d invited our missionaries Richard Harvey and Jonathan Bernd to help out, and she continues to be in touch with Richard for advice on her ever-increasing opportunities to share her faith with Jewish friends.

We also wanted to tell you about a Christian in Germany named Dieter, with whom Jonathan Bernd has been in contact.

Dieter experienced a spiritual reawakening when he was diagnosed with leukemia. One result of that awakening has been a desire to share the Good News with Jewish people—and he has been very effective!

Dieter recently called Jonathan to tell of a weekend retreat he organized for Russian Jewish people. Ninety-seven Jewish people came as overnight guests and more came as day visitors! Three Jewish people came to faith in the Messiah that weekend!

Furthermore, Dieter heard from a woman who previously had been hostile to his attempts to witness. She called to say that she had become a believer!

Finally, he reported that he followed Jonathan’s suggestion to visit the leader of the local Jewish community, whose wife is Jonathan’s distant cousin. They want to meet with Jonathan next time he’s in the area. Please pray for them—Dr. and Mrs. K. They are both concentration camp survivors and Dr. K has cancer.

As for Dieter, after 2 or 3 rounds of chemotherapy his cancer is currently in remission. Pray the Lord will continue to protect him and give him a fruitful ministry.


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