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Missionary Marcello Araujo reports from Toronto, Like any Jewish son, I called my mother to see how she was doing, and she shyly told me that she had prayed to receive Jesus with a Christian friend! She asked me to pray for her because she feared that my brothers would be angry. What a joy it was when, within a few weeks, she proclaimed her faith publicly at her baptism, as well as giving her story on a radio program.”

From Odessa, outreach worker Alexey Dmitriev says, “When I first met Max Yakovlevich Forberovich he was an atheist who ‘condescended’ to meet with me. After many months and many prayers, this man not only believes in God, but has chosen to serve the Messiah, Yeshua, giving his heart to Him! Please pray for his spiritual growth.

Also from Odessa, Galya Bogomolova reports, “When Nora Borisovna repented of her sins and asked for God’s forgiveneness in the name of Jesus, she did not have any interest in the Word of God. Six months passed in which she did not want me to visit her and she did not come to any of our meetings. However, we called each other regularly and prayed together on the phone, and I asked the Lord to allow her to grow in faith. I saw my prayers answered when Nora asked me to come and help her understand some passages in the Bible. When I visited her, I was happy to see that God had given her a hunger for His Word—as shown by the many page markers in her Bible!”

Outreach worker Ella reports from Moscow, “Bella is the manager of the building where we have our meetings, and she is Jewish. Although she had never come to our services, I decided to talk to her. I told her the gospel and it touched her heart very deeply—so she prayed with me the sinner’s prayer. I urge you to pray that she’ll grow in her faith.”

Also from Moscow, our office worker Olga reports, “Recently I received an e-mail from a Jewish man named Alexander K. He asked us to tell him more about Jesus. While Jews for Jesus in other countries have had many opportunities to witness over the internet, this is the first time it has happened for us in Russia—I am very excited about it! Could you please pray for me and for Alexander as I minister to him through the Internet?

Washington, D.C. chief of station Peter Rice reports, “I had a good first-time visit with Mark R. His incarceration made local news because he comes from a prominent Jewish family. Mark is a thirty-something yuppie who really seems to be searching. He signed up for Bible study in the prison and took notes during our visit together. ‘I really think this might be true,’ he said at one point. Please pray for his salvation.”

In New York, missionary candidate Judith Chaiken “happened” to be in the office during a time when she was not scheduled to work, so she “happened” to take a phone call from a Jewish woman named Joan. Judith spent 15 minutes ministering to her by phone and by the end of the call, Joan had come to faith in Jesus! Wouldn’t you like to “happen” upon such a situation?

Missionary Michelle Holtzman reports from New York, “In our February newsletter I asked prayer for a new Jewish believer named Jeanne. Well, Jeanne continues to grow both in her walk with God and in her conviction of sins. She and I were studying about heaven and talking about rewards that are promised to those who are faithful. As Jeanne reflected on her perceived personal lack of good works, she declared, ‘I know I won’t be getting any rewards when I get there. God will probably say, “Well, I’ll let you in, but that’s it.” He’ll have me sweeping floors somewhere! Just look for me when you get there. I’ll be the one with the broom in my hands!’ Jeanne always keeps me laughing, but I appreciate her humility as well as her trust that God will accept her because of Jesus. Thanks for your prayers.”

From Los Angeles, office worker Lisa Harper reports, “I called Pastor Masaya Hibino to ask if he would like to schedule one of our missionaries to speak at his church. He was interested, and he also told me that a Jewish man had just started to attend his church. Pastor Hibino wanted materials that would help him to witness. I gladly sent him literature and then waited the few weeks it would take before the pastor would have an answer regarding scheduling us at his church.

“When Pastor Hibino called back to schedule us to speak at his church, he let me know that he had read through the literature and had spoken with Jeremy, the Jewish seeker. The conversation seemed to make a deep impression on Jeremy and a week later, while the pastor was out of town, Jeremy prayed with one of the parishioners to accept Jesus into his life.

“Of course I rejoiced over this news, but all the more because the very day that Pastor Hibino called to give me the update is the day I had asked God to remind me of the significance of my work. Thank God for His faithfulness to answer our prayers.”


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