May 1997 Newsletter (5757:9)

Seeing Things The Shepherd’s Way
May 1, 1997

Picture yourself on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It is the height of rush hour and the swarm of bodies pushes past you like a solid mass of humanity wearing a thousand different faces. Some are expressionless. Most seem to project feelings of frustration, fatigue and above all, anxiety. It’s almost impossible for you…

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New Life for Lisa
Author: Rob Wertheim

As a missionary with Jews for Jesus, I get excited about being a part of a team that is so much larger than our own staff could ever be. We’re able to be a resource to churches all over the country and, in turn, our best source of contacts for follow-up comes from believers in…

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Faithful in Life and Death

Recently I spoke at the funeral of a Jewish believer in Jesus named Barbara whom I had discipled. I emphasized to those who gathered that Barbara had realized that Jesus was the promised Messiah for whom the Jewish people had been waiting. God used Barbara’s story in her life as well as in her death….

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Germany Update

It has been a little over a year since I first met a small group of Christians in northwestern Germany who were reaching out to Russian Jews in the area. One Jewish family with whom I shared the gospel stands out in my mind: a grandmother, Sara; Sara’s daughter, Emma; Emma’s daughter and son-in-law, Viktoria…

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Sometimes It Hurts To Be a Missionary

For many months, I have been meeting with a neighbor whom I’ll call Tasha. We met at the pool in our apartment complex. She was excited to meet a Jew for Jesus because she is Jewish and was baptized seven years ago in Russia in the Orthodox church. She was excited to meet someone who…

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Partners around the World

It is so exciting to find partners in ministry all around the world! Last month we showed you a letter from a Christian student named Claire who’s been witnessing to Jewish friends at Oxford University. She’d invited our missionaries Richard Harvey and Jonathan Bernd to help out, and she continues to be in touch with…

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Moishe’s Musings
Author: Moishe Rosen

When I preach in churches, I seldom preach about Jews for Jesus. I’m there to proclaim Christ, even to those who already know Him. It’s a joy to be able to show how wonderful, how adequate, how all together exalted is our Lord. Maybe you can tell, I like preaching at churches. I like people…

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Food for Thought

Whenever any of the Jews for Jesus find a notable restaurant on the road” we like to share the information among ourselves. Rob Wertheim found a place we thought we’d share with you, our extended family. It’s called The Crossing and it’s run by a Christian family in Yuma, AZ. Rob enjoyed seeing the following…

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Letters to the Editor

Ed: We don’t normally print letters to the editor, but we were interested in the responses many people sent in regarding Moishe’s column, which appeared in the March newsletter. Some of our friends, like Roy in Peoria, found the column timely in clarifying a question: Dear Jews for Jesus, I want to thank you for…

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Bits From the Branches

Missionary Marcello Araujo reports from Toronto, Like any Jewish son, I called my mother to see how she was doing, and she shyly told me that she had prayed to receive Jesus with a Christian friend! She asked me to pray for her because she feared that my brothers would be angry. What a joy…

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