One day when I was a teenager I got to school earlier than usual. To my surprise, I couldn’t go inside my homeroom because a prayer meeting” was going on. A few of my fellow high school students and I took turns peeking through the window. There in a small circle sat Miss Snyder, my homeroom teacher, and a few other teachers, quietly praying.

“What fanatics!” we laughed. “What wierdos!” “Can you believe them?” They must have heard us, but they kept on praying.

It had never occurred to me that Miss Snyder was a Christian. She was nicer than most of my teachers. She hardly ever gave out detentions and was kind to us students even when we were not nice to her (which was most of the time). Yet I had never dreamed that she was “religious.”

That happened before I knew God or His promises for my life, but I did understand one thing. I knew that Miss Snyder believed in Him, and that she prayed for me and my friends. I don’t know about my classmates, but I became a believer in Jesus the same year we found those teachers praying for us!

After graduation I lost touch with Miss Snyder. Then when I joined Jews for Jesus I discovered her again. I learned that she was one of our avid supporters. I remembered myself in high school, crouching outside homeroom, laughing as she prayed. Suddenly the awareness of God’s mercy and forgiveness flooded over me, and I knew from personal experience the power of prayer!

I thank God for Miss Snyder, for her prayers on my behalf, and for the way He used her so long ago in homeroom to begin to show me His love!


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