May 1986 Newsletter (5746:7)

Comfort, Community and Missions
May 1, 1986
Author: Moishe Rosen

The image of missions seems more captivating when those to be reached are out in the bush wearing loincloths and brandishing spears and blowguns. Indeed, there still are natives out in the bush country who need to hear the gospel. In these modern times, however, that dramatic image is not always accurate. Whether the area…

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Sometimes We Lose Some
Author: Stan Meyer

God was really working on Steve that fall at the University of Texas. Steve, a business student at U.T., was involved with Hillel, the Jewish student organization on campus. He came from a nominally Orthodox background. Steve said he wanted to know the truth about what the Bible taught, and in his search he began…

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Yeshua Is the Key

Yeshua is the key that unlocks all of Scripture. The central and unifying theme of the Bible is God’s plan of universal redemption through Israel’s Messiah, whom we can see either literally, prophetically or symbolically in every book of both Old and New Testaments. In Genesis: He is the Creator and the Seed of the…

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They’re Singing Our Song

A friend sent us this witty bit of humor from the newsletter of Grace Lutheran Church in Seguin (near San Antonio), Texas. Most people are familiar with the traditional Navy hymn, Eternal Father, Strong to Save.” The song speaks of God’s arm binding the restless wave. Along those lines, why not consider other hymns from…

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Our Missionary of the Month

Avi Snyder is intense, energetic and single-minded about his ministry. His wiry 5′ 3-1/2 body darts about so quickly that sometimes Avi appears as a flash of brown hair, brown eyes and ready smile in a blurred streak of activity. Avi needs every bit of energy God has given him as he supervises our branch…

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Keeping the Right Perspective
Author: Avi Snyder

When Messiah comes…” That phrase has been part of our Jewish culture—part of our Jewish way of thinking—for thousands of years. Sometimes it is said with sincere hope, and other times it is said tongue-in-cheek, designating a time reference just the other side of “never.” Those of us who know Yeshua do, indeed, say it…

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Russian Ministry
Author: Rich Robinson

In our daily work among the Jewish people of New York City we spend a great deal of our time in Manhattan itself. There we usually encounter business people, college students and upscale” Yuppies. While these people comprise one segment of Jewish life, I recently had an opportunity to encounter another segment that we see…

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Broken in Body, but Renewed in Spirit
Author: Dan Strull

Donna is Jewish, in her mid-30s, single and paralyzed from the waist down. I met Donna when a friend of hers asked me to visit her at the nursing home where she lived. It was not long before Donna was willing to tell me how she had become paralyzed. Tears came to her eyes as…

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The Most Frequent Questions In Jewish Evangelism
Topics: yom hashoah

QUESTION: If Jesus was the Messiah, why don’t the rabbis believe in him? ANSWER: The messiahship of Jesus is not an open question in the Jewish community. A rabbi’s study of Christianity is based on the assumption that the New Testament is not the inspired Word of God. Such an assumption can only lead to…

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