From Asher Korycka in New York:

“Massah is a Jews for Jesus program that sends young Jewish believers to Israel and then to India where they connect with Israelis who gravitate there after their military service. My first year on Massah, in 2016, I was excited to discover that the more we focus on the life-changing truth of the gospel for ourselves, the more natural it is to share it with others. Also, sharing the gospel can lead to a growing friendship. That was the case when I met Avi in Manali, a little village in the mountains of northern India. 

“I was in a jewelry shop looking for gifts for my mom and sister, when in walked Avi with a guitar and backpack, shopping for his mom and girlfriend. He struck up a conversation and was really interested and curious to find that I was part of a group of Messianic Jews. So, we went for coffee to chat more.

“Our group left Manali the next day, and I was sorry to part ways with Avi. A few days later, a teammate and I were sharing with a group of Israelis. I was discouraged, as the conversation didn’t seem very fruitful, when suddenly, I saw Avi! From that point on he traveled with the Massah team; we hiked together, got to know one another, and he took part as we read and discussed the Gospel of John.

“I kept in touch with Avi and got to see him when I returned to Israel for our Behold Your God Jerusalem outreach in 2018, and again in 2019, when I was part of the leadership team for Massah (which begins in Israel before we go to India). Avi introduced me to his girlfriend, Sarah, who is now his fiancée. During the summer of 2020, Avi lost his job due to the pandemic, and his university classes were put on hold. Since he had more free time than usual, Avi and I met (virtually) four times, specifically to study the Gospel of Mark together! 

“Over the years Avi has welcomed my prayers, sometimes even joining in, though I end my prayers in the name of Jesus. He appreciates being able to talk with me about spiritual things. He invited me to his wedding, and I hope to go. These are the kinds of relationships made possible through your partnership. Please join me in praying for Avi and his fiancée, that they will come to know their Messiah.” 

From Annie Benzaquen in Tel Aviv:

Last spring, Talia connected with us online to request a New Testament. We had a few visits (on the phone because of the lockdown), and one April night I was on the phone with Talia until very late. We closed our conversation with prayer, though not a prayer of repentance. Well, she emailed me the next morning to tell me that she had continued praying even later into the night and at last prayed to receive Yeshua! We continued meeting regularly for Bible study and discipleship. In July, I attended her baptism by the sea and met her sister and grandparents who came to support her. Talia was so happy, her face was shining as she came out of the water! Her grandparents asked many questions, and gave me the opportunity to share Yeshua with them! Please pray that they also will come to faith in Him.”

From Boris Skvortsov in London:

My wife and I recently moved from Israel to join the Jews for Jesus London team. We met Daniel at a local park where our daughters were playing together. He heard us speaking Hebrew and, being Israeli, was eager to meet us. We had a great conversation—he had never met an Israeli-Jewish believer or heard about the gospel before. 

“We arranged to go for a hike together—and ended up walking and talking for three hours! Daniel had grown up in an atheist family and never discussed anything spiritual. Now he is clearly wrestling with questions about faith and God and is curious to learn more. As we continue our weekly hikes, he shares more of his life and beliefs with me, and I share about my life and faith in Yeshua. Please pray for God to reveal the truth of Jesus to Daniel.”

From Maia Inbar in London:

“Leah recently relocated from Israel to London to be closer to her boyfriend (who is also Jewish). We met through an online group where she was hoping to find someone to join her for outdoor walks during lockdown. I was happy to do just that! We talked about life, our families, the past and the future—it was a great conversation! Leah told me about her secular upbringing in Israel, and I got to explain my faith as a Jewish believer in Jesus. We quickly bonded and decided to take regular walks together.

“Leah claims she is not interested in God, but says her boyfriend is. She frequently asks about my faith, and she told me that she has worked with Christian clients before, and even Jewish believers. I suggested, ‘Maybe someone is trying to tell you something?’ I am praying that through our friendship, I will be able to share more about the love of Yeshua!” 

From Rebekah Bronn in Sydney: 

“Yonatan, an Israeli living in Sydney, was curious about the Jews for Jesus sign on our shop, and asked Jimmy, our barista, who we were and what our shop was about. They had a good conversation, and now every time Yonatan is in the neighborhood, he stops to say hi. And he frequently stays to ask questions like, ‘Do you really believe that Messiah is coming?’ and ‘Do you really believe that Yeshua is the Messiah?’ Yonatan has talked to ultra-Orthodox people in Israel (who are adamant that Jesus is not the Messiah) and says that our beliefs make more sense to him than what the ultra-Orthodox teach. He and his girlfriend (also Israeli) are looking forward to attending one of our Shabbat dinners soon.” 

From Aaron Lewin in Berlin:

“Together with our partners in Berlin, we host monthly Shabbat gatherings for Israelis. We recently started reading the Gospel of Matthew, and it’s fascinating to hear our Israeli friends agreeing with Yeshua’s words concerning hypocrisy, money, and prayer. Many are reading these words for the first time. They are challenged by Yeshua’s words concerning the narrow path: ‘Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it’ (Matthew 7:13-14). As we talked about what that path meant, Alon asked, ‘How do we know if we’re on the narrow path?’ Nathan was also struck by the statement and pointed out, ‘It’s not easy to walk a path that few are traveling.’ Jonathon, one of our ministry partners, chimed in with his own experiences of choosing to walk the narrow way, while the others listened attentively. Ultimately, all our Israeli friends realized that they are not yet on the narrow path, and as a result, are heading the wrong way. Please pray with us that our friends Orit, Alon, Yonny, Nathan, and the others who come would finally choose the narrow path, no matter the cost.”


Names are changed to protect privacy.