Purim, the Jewish holiday based on the Book of Esther, is extremely relevant to believers in Jesus today.

The story of Esther illustrates how daily decisions to honor God prepare people’s hearts to respond when something bigger, something out of the ordinary, comes along. For example, when Mordecai “happened” to hear people plotting against the king, he did the right thing because his godly character had been formed long before this incident. The same could be said of Esther when a series of strange circumstances put her in a place where doing the right thing meant risking her life. Her courage wasn’t formed in a vacuum.

Mostly God asks us to be faithful in little things

Mostly God asks us to be faithful in little things - especially in relationships. Small expressions of negativity can quickly add up and disrupt our relationships without us even realizing it. It takes vigilance in the small things to fulfill God’s plan for us: “To be the look on His face, the tone of His voice, and the touch of His hand. You are to represent His presence and His love. You are placed where you are to make His mercy and faithfulness visible and concrete.”1

That might sound awfully grandiose for us mere mortals, but we shouldn’t underestimate God’s promises or His power to change us and make us agents of change. He said He’s given us everything we need to live the life He’s called us to (2 Peter 1:2-9).

So what can we do to stay on track with being faithful in the little things?

While everyone knows how crucial time in prayer and the Bible are, a system that brings us back to God and His Word throughout the day can really help. While I’m not always successful, these steps often work for me:

  • Every morning, I ask God to help me welcome the conviction of the Holy Spirit as an enormous blessing and agent of His transforming power.
  • When angry or frustrated, I stop and get very real with myself about exactly what I want in that moment, and then
  • I ask God what He wants, both from me and for me in that moment, and finally,
  • I ask God to help me let go of what I want in order to make way for what He wants (which is always so much bigger and better than what I wanted!).

I’m not suggesting that you follow these particular steps, but if you aren’t already, it can really help to plan out your own personal daily steps. Steps to remind you that being faithful in little things makes God happy... and will prepare you for bigger things when it’s your turn “for such a time as this.”


1. Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies (Wheaton: Crossway, 2014), reading for November 10.