Closed heart suddenly opens

Closed heart suddenly opens

From our Odessa missionaries, while they were visiting in Australia:

My husband, Leonid, and I served one week in Sydney, Australia, by invitation of a husband and wife (Natasha) who pastor a Messianic congregation there. As a part of our ministry, we visited Russian-speaking Jews known to the congregation.

When we approached the door of Mila, Natasha explained that Mila was “very shut down and does not want to hear anything about Jesus,” despite the fact that they have prayed fervently for her.

We prayed, knocked, and Mila invited us in. I smiled and told her, “I flew in from Ukraine to say that God loves you!”

“I know for sure that this is true!” Mila exclaimed, much to our surprise and delight. I asked her to tell us more.

It seems God had prepared Mila for this meeting with two unlikely events. First she lost an expensive ring that meant a lot to her. She was so upset and prayed, “Oh, God, where did I lose my ring?” Three weeks later she went to the same grocery store she’d gone to the day she lost her ring, after which she sat down on the same bench to rest. Another woman sat down and suddenly asked Mila, “Is this your ring?” And the woman pointed to where Mila’s ring lay! As Mila described the scene, she said, “I was so joyful and grateful to God.”

The other event occurred when Mila left home and realized she had left her keys somewhere. Fearful that they may have been found by one of the many addicts in her building, she sighed and said, “Lord, save and protect us!” Mila returned home, where a security guard smiled and handed her the missing keys. He’d seen her leave them in her mailbox lock, and removed them for safekeeping.

Mila saw these events as signs of God’s love for her. She was attentive as I opened the Bible and explained how God calls us to respond to His love by repenting of our sins and being reconciled with Him through the Messiah Jesus.

She was eager to do this right away!

It is so inspiring to see how God answers prayer in due season, and how the sown seed bears fruit!

Olga Vasserman, Odessa

Names of people we meet are changed to protect privacy.


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