Chag haChagim is Hebrew for “Holiday of the Holidays” (pronounced Khahg ha Khah-geem) and it’s also the name of an annual street festival in Haifa: Each weekend of every December, crowds of people pour in to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas and the coming New Year. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to partner with other believers in the Land.

Praise God, this year we received contact info from about 40 Jewish seekers. Please pray for a fruitful follow-up! Here are some reports from our time at this year’s Chag haChagim.

Sarah Danor:

“On Shabbat, my husband Tzachi and I joined a team of believers from our congregation, and from other ministries in Israel, to support an outreach of an Arab congregation in Haifa that takes place during the month of December at a holiday street festival. Our T-shirts proclaimed “Yesh Tikivah!” (“We have Hope!”) and we handed out books and pamphlets in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian from a table we had set up at the festival.

“I explained to a man who asked me what this was all about that we are Jews and Arabs who have hope for the future through our faith in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, who died to atone for the sins of Jews and Gentiles alike. Chaim* said, ‘Ah! Jews for Jesus!’ He became very interested as I talked to him and his friend about Jesus. I asked him if we could be in touch to talk further. As he was giving me his phone number, he informed me that he had lived in Los Angeles in 1975, and had talked to Jews for Jesus back then! Please pray that the seeds that were planted in his heart so long ago will soon come to fruition!”

Tzachi Danor:

“As one man, Elli*, came to our table and picked up a book, I began to talk with him. I told him to take the book and please keep in touch to let us know what he thinks, and to talk further about faith in God and salvation. He told me that he knows the story about Yeshua because he studied to be a tour guide. I told him ‘What they teach you there is not from the Bible,’ and I witnessed to him. Next to me was a congregation leader from the same city as Elli. I suggested the two of them meet soon, Elli agreed, and they exchanged phone numbers. Please pray for the follow-up.”

Oded Orban:

“At one point we handed out 600 postcards in 45 minutes. People were happy and seemed very open to the gospel. I met Moshe, an atheist man in his 60s. He was ready to listen the gospel, even though he says he doesn’t believe in God. Two Arab Christians joined our conversation, assuring him that God is real and that He loves him. Moshe clearly enjoyed our conversation and even if he wasn’t ready to be in touch, he took one of our books and promised to read it. Please pray for his salvation.”

*not real name