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Alexander Adelson reports from Israel,

“During an outreach at Tel Aviv port, a college student who is a believer told me that it’s so amazing to see believers sharing the gospel message on the streets. He said that after his coworker saw our T-shirt, he was really interested to know how Jews can be for Yeshua (Jesus). As a result, David had an amazing chance to share his faith with his unbelieving friends, who had never heard about Yeshua!

“While I was handing out broadsides (gospel tracts) at the Tel Aviv center, a young woman who works in a coffee shop asked for one. She began to read it, then smiled and asked, ‘How is it possible to be a Jew for Yeshua?’ While we were talking about this, a few more people joined because they were hearing the gospel message for the first time. I offered to send the woman from the coffee shop a book that shows how the Hebrew Scriptures point to Yeshua, and though she did not want to give her contact details, she promised to order the book online.

“Amiel* contacted us through our Facebook page. He is from a religious background and never learned about Yeshua, but says he wants to know the truth about Messiah. We scheduled a time to meet, and I will share my story and do my best to answer his questions. He is afraid to own a New Testament because he does not want his family to know he is considering Yeshua. I hope to get him an MP3 New Testament so he can listen. Please pray for our time together and for God to open Amiel’s heart to the truth.”

Alison Barnett reports from London,

Son of Hamas is the true story of Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a leading member of Hamas who helped found the Muslim Brotherhood.  He became a believer in Jesus in an Israeli jail, after a Christian gave him a New Testament. Yousef had been dazzled by the Beatitudes and realized that Jesus’ call to ‘love your enemies’ is the only way to peace in the Middle East. 

“Recently, a film of Yousef’s story was released under the title The Green Prince, with the author himself taking on the title role. I was surprised to find that the film was advertised in the Jewish News and premiered at a Jewish center in London. To add to my surprise, one of the ladies I meet with was going to see the film, and told me she wants to read the book. I was so thrilled that God used this series of events to give me an open door for the gospel.”


Stephen Pacht reports from Geneva,

“Gilad* is a young Israeli lawyer I met at a Jewish group I regularly attend; we discuss various topics of interest, which has enabled me to share my belief in Jesus. Like many Israelis, Gilad claims he is not religious, but was open to discuss my faith. We arranged to meet in his offices, where he was pleased to receive a Hebrew language copy of the New Testament. He brought up the story of a former Muslim and son of a Hamas leader. He had heard of the book, which is now available in Hebrew, but did not know the title. I told him that the title is Son of Hamas, and perhaps he’ll read it. With all the interest in this book, I’m thinking and praying about recommending that our group invite a Muslim convert to Christianity as a future guest speaker.”

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Isaac Brickner reports from Los Angeles,

“I served on our New York Summer Outreach this past July (mentioned in our January newsletter as part of the new things we’ve been experimenting with). During one particular outreach in Union Square, I was leading a team to engage people with our ‘What are you for?’ banner. 

“One of the last people to come over and speak with me before we left was Ellen,* a Jewish woman in her seventies who stopped to say she liked the design of my T-shirt. She’d seen from a distance the logo of the Jewish star logo made of words, and while she didn’t notice at first that I was with Jews for Jesus, she figured she’d stay to ask what we’re about.

“We had a great conversation; we talked about the logic of being a Jewish believer in Jesus, and I told her about Isaiah 53. I mentioned that she would probably get along great with Shoshannah Weinisch, a missionary in our New York branch who would love to meet her and talk more. Ellen gave me her contact information to pass on to Shoshannah, who set up a time for them to meet.

“Though Ellen missed the initial meeting, she did keep her next appointment with Shoshannah, and decided to continue meeting to discuss Scripture. Shoshannah would send me a text message every time they were going to meet, to remind me to pray. What a joy it was the day after Christmas to receive a phone call from Melissa, Shoshannah’s daughter (and a missionary-in-training), who handed the phone to Ellen so she could tell me that she had just professed her new faith in Yeshua. Praise the Lord! Ellen thanked me for speaking with her that day about Jesus. (She said, ‘You did a real mitzvah**, Kid.’) What a divine appointment that was! She is growing, and continuing to meet with Stewart and Shoshannah frequently for discipleship visits. I’d like to invite you to pray along with me for Ellen’s growth in the Lord.” 

*not their real names
** mitzvah means “commandment” (as in biblical commandment), but is commonly used to refer to a worthy deed.


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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