Please pray for our Passover Tours and Holiday Services!

This month is packed with opportunities for Jewish people to hear about Jesus, the Lamb of God. Our missionaries are presenting “Christ in the Passover” all over the world, and our branches are also conducting special holiday services.

For example, last April, Maxim Ammosov reported from Moscow:

“We were blessed to have 98 people attend our branch’s Passover service, including about 30 Jewish seekers. It was a wonderful holiday celebration, partly because three Jewish people and three Gentiles responded to the altar call and prayed to receive Jesus. Praise the Lord!

“Sofia was one of the people who prayed to receive the Lord. It had been her first time at our meetings. Her son, who brought her, informed us that it was her 90th birthday. During the service I slipped outside to buy flowers, just to congratulate Sofia. When I came back, her son was pacing in the lobby. I asked why he did not come into the meeting room. He replied, ‘I am an Orthodox Jew; I attend synagogue. I can’t hear what you are speaking. I would never have come to you, but you invited my mother and I decided to help her.’

“I replied, ‘No one forces you to believe in Jesus, it’s your own choice, but you are so welcome to be with us today. Passover is a big feast and there is much music. Just enjoy—and we are going to congratulate your mother for her birthday,’ I added, and showed my flowers.

“I think he was touched by my words because he approached the meeting room. He didn’t enter, but stood just outside the door during the whole service, close enough to hear all the music and all the words that were said. We congratulated Sofia for her 90th birthday; she asked if she could read us a poem and was so happy when we encouraged her to do so! Her son saw it all. At the end of the meeting, when Sofia responded to the altar call, we prayed for her and presented her with a New Testament. Praise the Lord!

“I wish I could say that everything has continued very well with them since then, but I think it’s a common peculiarity of Russian-speaking people that they are more easily ready to pray to receive Christ than Western people, but rather slow in spiritual growing after that. Of the Jewish people who prayed to receive the Lord at this meeting, Dora, an older but energetic lady, is the only one who has continued to attend our Shabbat meeting. She is very slowly growing in faith. I hope to see her baptized in 2013.

“After trying to reach Sofia by phone for a few months, her son asked me not to disturb them. I have not given up, so please keep praying. We will continue our efforts in reaching all four people I mentioned. We have seen the Lord do surprising things over time (as Anatoly Emma points out on ‘Passing from Life to Death … to Life’).”

Editor’s note: It’s highly unusual for Jewish seekers who attend our meetings to be brought by unbelieving family members. Usually it’s friends like you who help make our Passover outreaches fruitful. Maybe you know someone who would be curious about the connection between Jesus and Passover. Please see the last online extra for more info.

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