March 2011 Newsletter (5771:7)

Moishe’s Musings
March 6, 2011
Author: Moishe Rosen

The following are just a couple of extracts from some of Moishe’s leadership lessons. They are part of a collection that will probably appear as an index in the above mentioned biography. Competition If I’ve had any success in life, it’s that I’ve refused to compete with other people.  I’ve competed only with myself, because […]

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Overview of the Minor* Prophets: How Well Do You Know the Jewish Bible?
Author: Rich Robinson

*Minor” does not reflect the importance of these books, but simply their length as compared to the other prophets. Prophet and dates of ministry1 Hosea 760-722 B.C. Number of chapters 14 Theme God’s love for Israel in the midst of Israel’s unfaithfulness Points of Interest Hosea commanded to marry an unfaithful woman; series of startling […]

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A Purim Lesson: Taking Risks
Author: Susan Perlman

Purim is all about survival—the survival of the Jewish people. It is as relevant today as is was in the sixth century b.c. when the story of Purim (recorded in the book of Esther) first unfolded. It remains relevant because, as a people, we’ve faced continual threats to our survival.  In ancient Egypt it was […]

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It Never Just So Happens
Author: Laura Barron

Kathy walked in the door with big, funny glasses and a clown nose—which was absolutely appropriate since we were hosting a Jews for Jesus Purim party. As we began reading through the Megillah (the book of Esther), whirling our graggers (noisemakers) loudly at every mention of the evil villain Haman, I could see Kathy’s shoulders […]

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Bits from the Branches

New York Simon Lissak reports, I was in the Diamond District of New York when I met Jacob, a young Israeli in his twenties who came up specifically to ask me, ‘What is Jews for Jesus all about?’ I answered his question and at the end of our conversation I offered to meet with him […]

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Show Me Your ID

Nowadays no one gets too far without personal identification (ID). Imagine if, rather than simply glancing at our driver’s licenses or passports, people in airports, border checkpoints and even the local grocery stores actually scanned our IDs. Now imagine waiting in line for airport security finally getting to the front of the line where you […]

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