Try to give others more than you receive from them.

Be suspicious of flatterers.

Smile at people as much as you can, but never allow yourself to be disarmed by someone else’s smile, or salubrious words.

Always help people appreciate their proper relational commitments. Help a husband to love his wife, and vice versa; encourage children to respect their parents, and
parents to appreciate and respect their children.

Commend the virtues you see in others and thus help strengthen those virtues.

Good friends will tell you that you need to zip your fly or that your slip is showing. They understand that you’d want to know, and are willing to experience an awkward moment to help you.

Some people welcome nagging, others don’t. It’s a good idea to ask someone if they want to be reminded.

There are those wonderful people who mark down the anniversaries and birthdays of their friends, and remember them by sending cards. Not everybody does that. But if you don’t, you better find other ways to show people that you care for and remember them.

If you don’t remember someone’s name, it’s best to ask them rather than trying to fake it.

Just because people are friendly, don’t think that they are friends.

Conversation with a friend is seldom as interesting as a feature article in a newspaper. But the writer of the feature article doesn’t care about how you feel about anything.

Story telling is a great social skill, but listening is even better.