March 2006 Newsletter (5766:7)

Haman, Hitler, Hussein
March 1, 2006

Evil Has a Name and It Begins with H” Many people don’t want to acknowledge that evil exists; they believe that people do bad things because circumstances or environment or conditioning leaves them no choice. Others know that evil exists but see it as a...

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The Best of the Holy Land” Tour”

Your host, Lon Solomon, is Jewish and has believed in Jesus 35 years; he’s been pastor of McLean Bible Church for 25 years and has served as a valued member of Jews for Jesus Board of directors for 19 years. This will be his 31st tour of Israel. Date: October...

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Reaching Sephardic Jews
Author: Josh Sofaer

The dictionary defines Sephardic (pronounced seh-far-dik) Jews as members of the occidental branch of European Jews settling in Spain and Portugal…”1 That dictionary definition however, does not provide the more common understanding of the term. In North America...

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The BYG* Pic

*Behold Your God. Those of you who have been around long enough will remember that we announced a list of BYG cities where we planned, by God’s grace, to have outreaches. We have two cities remaining, Lyon, France and New York City. We have reported on most of...

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Moishe’s Musings
Author: Moishe Rosen

The question was common enough—Christians often ask us: What is the best way to witness to a Jewish person?” In this case, the lady who asked me was well dressed, down to hat and gloves, which seemed very proper for the Sunday morning church service. I was the...

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Bits from the Branches

The Liberated Wailing Wall We introduced the new team in our January newsletter; here’s a snatch of news from one of the sorties (tract passing expeditions) they had here in San Francisco: Tamar F. participated on Jews for Jesus witnessing campaigns before...

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