Tel Aviv

Miriam Abramov reports, While working with a Youth With a Mission (YWAM) drama team from the States we noticed a girl who had been watching the drama intently since it started-this despite the punkers who were trying to divert people’s attention by imitating the dancers.

“I began talking to her and found she was open, though she could not comprehend the idea of grace. After spending much time explaining this to her she exclaimed, ‘Oh that’s wonderful, I see now.’ She prayed with me to accept the Lord! She also gave me her phone number and agreed to study the Scriptures together. Please pray that our time together will be fruitful and that she will grow in the Lord; her name is Julee.”

Shlomy Abramov reports, “Many Israelis were drawn to the YWAM drama and it opened lots of conversations. By the end of the week I had some good contacts, and by the time I was ready to teach my Bible class in our congregation I was very encouraged. That night one of the men I am discipling brought a friend, Niseem, to the study. Niseem was very interested in the Bible and wanted to talk more about salvation. By the end of the discussion he wanted to ask Yeshua into his heart. Please pray we will have a fruitful time and that he will grow in his faith as I lead him through the Scriptures.

“Also please pray for Amitai, an Israeli soldier who has been meeting with Dan Sered. One day I went with Dan and shared my story. I saw that Amitai was thirsty for God. Then Dan asked me to visit Amitai while he (Dan) was on vacation. As we met, Amitai wanted to receive Yeshua in his heart for forgiveness of sin. I am so happy that our staff can see fruit working together as a team.”


Bob Mendelsohn reports, “The Bible says, ‘A little child shall lead them.’ Now, Wendy is not a little child except in the eyes of her father. At age 16 some Christians invited her to their church and she became a follower of Jesus.

“Wendy and her Jewish father live in Melbourne with Wendy’s stepmother. I’ve spoken with Wendy’s father, ‘Jerry’ several times on the phone and each time I travel to his area we have met together. Jerry even came to hear me speak at a noontime luncheon and the next day we met for our continuing visit series. He seemed genuinely open to the gospel and when I asked him if there was any reason why he should not receive Jesus as his Savior he said, “no” and we prayed together. “We usually ask a brand new believer to speak to someone right away so he or she can confess their faith. So who else could we call but Wendy? After we scraped her off the ceiling because of her elation, she rejoiced in God’s provision of eternal life for her father.”


Karl DeSouza reports, “We have been hosting a Jews for Jesus Canada chat via AOL Canada on a regular basis for a couple of years. We have been praying for more Jewish people to come in and last week a Jewish man named Harry came and asked, ‘How can you be a Jew and worship Jesus?’ To my surprise he stayed in the room and interacted when I gave my story. When I asked him if he was willing to believe the gospel if it was true he told me, ‘I have no idea how to rationally reply to that.’ Please pray for Harry.

Also from Karl: “Karen is a Jewish telephone contact from Behold Your God Toronto. Recently, I called to follow-up on her interest. She told me she has attended various churches on occasion. We went through several passages of Scripture and she prayed to receive Yeshua. She seems very open to having Bible studies with us. Please pray for Karen and her family. Thank God for this fruit from BYG Toronto!”