Lee, a successful television producer and a secular Jew—who for some reason felt a pull” to read the Tenach (Old Testament). Night after night he found himself reading for two hours or more—despite the fact that he considered himself neither religious nor an avid reader. Still, something kept drawing him. The many detailed prophecies concerning the coming Messiah caught his attention. He began to think this could actually be God’s word…and he began wondering about Jesus.

Lee knew some Jewish people who believed in Jesus from work, and one of them gave him a book titled The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell. Lee read this book along with another titled Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus by Michael Brown. These books explained and clarified things for Lee intellectually, but emotionally he was not ready to accept Jesus as the Messiah described in the Old Testament.

On Tuesday July 11, 2000 Lee arrived at his office early. As he prepared for the day he was caught off guard by the question that suddenly came to mind: “I wonder what it would be like to go to church?” Later that day, he opened the Yellow Pages, randomly selected a church and called to inquire about their service times. After giving him the information, Pastor Chris Stultz asked Lee what church he currently attended. Lee replied that he was Jewish and did not attend church. The pastor immediately told Lee that he should come that Sunday as they were having a presentation especially for Jewish people. In disbelief Lee told the pastor, “You’d say anything to get a person to church!” Nevertheless, Lee told his wife about the conversation and she suggested that they check it out. So they did.

As Lee entered the church he saw something oddly familiar—a table set for a Passover seder. Then the pastor introduced their guest speaker—a missionary from Jews for Jesus who was there to explain the significance of Jesus in the Passover. (That was me!) After the Christ in the Passover presentation I met Lee and his wife. Over the next couple of weeks, I had a few Bible studies with Lee concerning how God had sent His Son to redeem us from sin. I could tell the Holy Spirit was at work as I watched “the lights go on” in Lee’s eyes. Then one day when I called him, Lee informed me that the preceding Sunday he had returned to church and received Yeshua as his personal Savior.

I continued meeting with Lee and his wife over the next few weeks and months. His wife was still interested, yet unsure what to think about Lee’s new faith.

When Lee called to invite our family to his water baptism, it was my privilege to attend. I stood on the beach with my wife and children before the service, worshiping God with Lee and his new church family as the sun rose on the Atlantic Ocean that Easter morning. Lee’s wife was crying. I hoped and prayed that God was touching her heart.

It was amazing to watch Lee and his pastor (yes, the same one that Lee “found” in the Yellow Pages) wade into the Atlantic Ocean. I thought of how God had drawn Lee to Himself, how much Lee had grown spiritually—and what a blessing it was for me to have a small part in God’s great plan. I continued to meet with Lee and his wife and one night I received a call telling me that she had come to know Jesus as well! Praise God!

Lee has since launched a web site designed to speak to Jewish people about the Bible and the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ. He also sends out a daily Scripture reading, which I find very uplifting. What a blessing to see God raise up a Jewish brother in Christ who is also a co-laborer in the field of Jewish evangelism!


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