<p> Many of you began receiving the Jews for Jesus newsletter as a result of seeing one of our presentations at your church and you know that we do bring quality programs. Nevertheless, amidst thousands of Christ in the Passover” presentations, every few hundred, something unexpected happens. These are actual “bloopers” made by Jews for Jesus staff or former staff. </p>  <p> “There are three compartments in the matzoh tash, each containing one piece of pizza&#8230;uh, <strong>matzoh</strong>!” </p>  <p> “Since the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD, most Jewish people no longer eat roast pork at Passover.&#8230;That’s <strong>lamb</strong>! Actually we never ate roast pork!” </p>  <p> Please check to see if your newsletter contains an itinerary for one of our missionaries. If we have a tour near you, we hope you will come to see “Christ in the Passover”, and bring a friend to this evangelistic presentation. We can’t promise you any bloopers, but we can promise a presentation that will focus on Jesus as our wonderful Lamb of God. </p> “