Holly Meyer reports from Los Angeles, Al is an Armenian Christian who befriended his Jewish neighbor, Alla. They had many conversations about Jesus and finally Al suggested the three of us should get together. With Al’s help (he occasionally translated for Alla into Armenian and for me into English), I learned about Alla’s background. While her father was Jewish, she often attended church with her mother in Armenia. She grew up hearing about Jesus but not understanding that she needed to have a personal relationship with Him by faith. After I read Isaiah 59:2 and Romans 5:8 to her, she prayed to receive this grace into her life. Please pray for Alla as she grows in the grace of our Lord.”

From South Africa, Natalie Sachs reports, “Olga is nearly 80 years old and has poor eyesight, so she needs the Scriptures read to her; however she is also quite hard of hearing! So as I read (practically screamed) all eighty verses of Luke 1 to her, I wondered if she could hear me. When I asked her what she thought, however, she responded, ‘I think it’s a little bit special!’ I wanted to get up and kiss her right there and then, but instead I continued to explain the gospel to her. She asked me to read Isaiah 53 to her. After I did, I asked her whom she thought I was reading about. Her response made me leap for joy—’Jesus!’ When I asked her if she wanted to pray a prayer of repentance, I was even more thrilled—Olga gave her life to Jesus.”

From the CIS, outreach worker Igor Barbanel reports, “Evgeny picked up our broadside at a local market in Dnepropetrovsk. He then contacted the Odessa branch and requested literature and information on a local Jewish community. When I went to Dnepropetrovsk, I met with him and he received Yeshua. Recently, when I visited Evgeny again, I met his wife, Tatiana, who is not Jewish, and not yet a believer. She listened very attentively to Evgeny and me as we read Scripture together, and seemed deeply touched. Please pray for the strengthening of Evgeny’s faith and the salvation of his wife Tatiana.”

Also from the CIS, Visha Vaishengolz reports, “We are excited about the reactions of the Kharkov students as we pass out tracts on campus. Many are calling the Odessa branch requesting more literature. The last time I handed out our tracts at university, seven students approached me and gave me their names, addresses and phone numbers to receive more information. Praise God for the work He is doing among the young people here!”

From New York, Chad Elliott reports, “While I was at the grocery store with colors* on (*clothing identifying him as a Jew for Jesus, normally a T-shirt or jacket), the woman in line behind me tapped me on the shoulder. ‘Excuse me,’ she asked, ‘do you happen to have any literature that you could give me? I’m Jewish, and I remember listening to Joan Rivers talk about you guys this summer, and I’m kind of curious.’ I ‘happened’ to have a tract and a copy of our pamphlet, ‘Jewish and Christian—Can it Be?’ in my coat pocket. Praise God that He is still using our opposition for good!”

Also from New York, Karol Joseph reports, “Karen was in from Connecticut for the day, so she decided to stop in and meet us in person. She had been exploring our web site—and thinking a lot about Jesus. Some of her Christian friends were witnessing to her, but she just couldn’t understand how it was possible to believe in Jesus and still be Jewish. Furthermore, her dad was the president of the Reform synagogue where she was raised—how would he react? After Deb (one of our administrative workers) and I answered her questions, she was ready to receive Yeshua as her personal Savior. God did all the work before she came to us, all we had to do was reap the harvest!”

David Brickner’s parents passed on an encouraging note from a friend of theirs. (Okay, so it’s not from a branch, but it’s still a bit, right?) “On my flight home, I had a wonderful opportunity to minister to a Jewish woman named Lupa. I was reading David’s [Future Hope] book, and I began to show it to her. She said, ‘Oh I must buy this!’ Well, of course, I gave her the book, and she was so grateful. She’s going to read the book and let me know what she thinks. I’m encouraged already by how God is using David’s book.”