Missionary David Rothstein reports from Fort Lauderdale, I had been meeting with Renee for quite some time. She even asked God to reveal His truth to her and was growing impatient waiting for Him to show her something. Finally, Renee asked me how we could worship Jesus since God wants us to worship Him alone. I pointed out from the Gospel of John that Jesus is God. Suddenly the light seemed to go on. Renee said, ‘Oh, now I get it!’ and prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.”

From New York, missionary Kina Forman reports, “Charlotte K. wrote to request some of our gospel tracts. When Maren (our office manager) sent the tracts, she wanted to include Charlotte on our mailing list, but wasn’t sure whether she was a believer. I would have assumed she was a believer based on her request, but Maren’s question prompted me to call and ask. Charlotte turned out to be a Jewish woman who wanted our tracts to help her learn more about Jesus! She has agreed to meet with me to study the Bible. I praise God for Maren’s discernment!”

Paris branch leader Stephen Pacht reports, “Yalli R. is a 28-year-old Israeli whom (trainee) Kate met while handing out tracts in New York several months ago. Yalli (who travels quite a bit) has now accepted the Lord here in Paris!”

London branch leader Jonathan Bernd reports, “Reaction to our billboard ad [pictured on this page] has been hot! The local council forced the billboard owner to remove the ad, claiming it was illegal. Two local newspapers, both of which have largely Jewish readership, have reported the controversy. We’re thankful for the media coverage and pray it will make the messiahship of Jesus even more unavoidable than the actual billboard would have.”

Elena Parker, our co-laborer* in Mexico, sent this wonderful news: “Two young Jewish men came over to learn about their Messiah and both prayed, accepting Jesus as their Messiah. I was moved as they clasped their New Testaments—one in Hebrew and one in Spanish. Pray for Joram and Sammy to grow in their new faith!”

*Co-laborers in Messiah are specially trained Jews for Jesus volunteers. Elena is in full-time ministry in addition to what she does for us.

Los Angeles branch leader Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “Yeshiva-educated Mark R. is from an Orthodox family in Brooklyn. His Christian girlfriend has been nudging him to investigate Yeshua. Mark has cancer and may not have much time left on this earth, but he prayed with me to receive Jesus! Praise God! Death won’t be able to hold him since he embraced eternal life in Yeshua.”

Trainee Moshe Shuai reports, “While in Maryland, I prayed with a young woman from Egypt to receive God’s gracious gift of salvation. What a privilege it was for me, as an Israeli, to lead an Arab to the Lord of all peoples.”

Outreach worker Sergey Koulakov reports, “While looking for an apartment for the Jews for Jesus office in Dnepropetrovsk, I met a landlady, Elvira D. who turned out to be Jewish and open to the gospel. We studied the Bible and she prayed to receive Yeshua. Please pray that Elvira will grow in her faith and continue to meet with me for discipleship.”