1. Is the name of the holiday Purim derived from

ò an East End Londoner, who for some reason felt sorry for Haman (who was hanged on his own gallows) and declared, Poor ‘im”
ò the fact that the villian of the story cast lots to determine when to annihilate the Jewish people living in Persia

2. Is Megillah

ò the first name of a 1960’s cartoon character (last name Gorilla)
ò the Hebrew word for “scroll” referring to the Book of Esther, also used colloquially to indicate “the whole story”

3. For whom is the Jewish women’s organization Hadassah named?

ò a 17th century Jewish hairdresser
ò Queen Esther (because Hadassah was her Hebrew name, and what her uncle Mordy called her)

4. Is a grogger

ò an elderly Jewish man who has a hard time waking up in the morning
ò a noisemaker that is twirled to drown out the name of Haman each time it is pronounced during the reading of the Purim story