One of the blessings of being on staff with Jews for Jesus is our availability to the Jewish community at large as well as to the smaller community of believers in Yeshua. We see ourselves as a resource team. The high profile of our ministry, while causing the disdain of some, provides benefit to others. People know where to find us if they need to talk about faith in Yeshua for themselves or for Jewish friends or relatives.

Through the years, we have contacted tens of thousands of Jewish friends and relatives of believers. We call them, we write letters and we make personal visits. Sometimes we water the seeds others have planted, and sometimes we plant seeds that others will water. Often we have the additional blessing of being in the right place at the right time,” to see the fulfillment of another person’s labor and prayers as a Jewish person comes to faith in Yeshua. That was the case with Arlene.

My first contact with Arlene was by telephone. Arlene lives four hours away from our Chicago Branch of Jews for Jesus. I learned about her from a form she had sent to our San Francisco headquarters. Arlene’s sister (a Jewish believer) had sent Arlene one of our booklets, Questions and Answers. This publication deals with some of the basic Jewish objections to the issue of Jesus. The response card Arlene had sent in always accompanies the booklet. Arlene had indicated her serious interest in knowing more about what we believe and in having one of our staff contact her.

The first time I called Arlene, we spent more than an hour talking. She was a young mother. I found her quite articulate, well read, creative, and extremely sensitive to spiritual reality. Arlene described some of her experiences as she searched for the truth about God. Arlene’s sister (who lived far away) had testified to her about Messiah, and for a while the gospel had been making sense to her. However, one of Arlene’s biggest fears was that she would forfeit her Jewish heritage in exchange for believing in Jesus. I explained why this was not true. I also gave her my story as a Jewish believer and showed her some messianic prophecies and the third chapter of John.

It was as though Arlene were ripe fruit just waiting to fall from a tree. She even said that she felt as though she were in a womb, waiting to be born, knowing the time was right. At the close of our conversation, Arlene prayed to receive Yeshua as her Messiah and Lord and receive forgiveness for her sins. I speak to her regularly on the telephone, and I am delighted by her apparent voraciousness for studying the Bible. I have also put her in touch with a pastor and other believers in her area for follow-up.

Incidents like this are not uncommon in Jews for Jesus, but we never take them for granted. They are a special blessing from God, and we praise him for them. We would welcome prayer for Arlene, that she will grow strong in the Lord, and that the rest of her family will come to know Yeshua too.

If you think our Questions and Answers booklet might help you or someone you know, you can order it from our San Francisco Headquarters for only $1.15 (California residents please add 6% sales tax). Send your check or money order to Jews for Jesus, 60 Haight Street, San Francisco, California, 94102-5895 and ask for the Questions and Answers Booklet.


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