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I met Frankie at Indiana University when the Liberated Wailing Wall visited the campus to do evangelism. After what had already been a very fruitful witnessing expedition, I was on my way upstairs to get some lunch, when I noticed a student on his way down the stairs. He was looking quizzically at my Jews for Jesus T-shirt. As he approached the bottom of the stairs, and I got to the top, I turned around instinctively to look back and see whether he might be interested in my message. As I turned, he also turned around, as though he couldn’t quite believe what he had just seen written on my shirt. We both smiled (we seemed to be on the same wave length), and headed toward one another. We met at the middle of the staircase and introduced ourselves.

Frankie was Jewish. He asked if I was part of a convention in town. He had seen others of our Liberated Wailing Wall team on campus wearing their Jews for Jesus shirts. He wanted to know what we were all about. We sat down on a nearby bench, and I explained to him that there really were Jewish people who believed in Jesus.

Frankie asked some very good questions and was obviously interested in learning more about Jesus. But then it became clear that he was aware of the negative reaction he could expect from his family and the rest of the Jewish community if he were to come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. We talked about the cost of following Jesus. Frankie agreed to do some reading and gave me his name and address so we could correspond.

I hope that Frankie will soon come to know Yeshua, Jesus, as his Messiah and Savior, and that he will become a light on the campus of Indiana University, that it might truly be a place of higher” learning.


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