As a missionary with Jews for Jesus, I spend many hours each week standing on street corners handing out gospel tracts. Sometimes the results are discouraging as hundreds of people pass by, ignoring me completely. Others take a tract and quickly discard it as soon as they see the words Jews for Jesus on the back. Still, I know that God does use our efforts on the streets to reach those who are seeking him. II Chronicles 16:9 says, the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.”

My ministry to Jodi started on a street corner in Westwood. While handing out literature one afternoon, I met Jodi’s friend, Karen. Karen was a Jewish believer who was interested in learning more about her Jewish heritage and how it related to Yeshua. We met over lunch a few weeks later, and that was when Karen started to tell me about Jodi.

Karen and Jodi had met a few months earlier, and Jodi was showing an interest in Jesus. I suggested that the three of us get together, and I promised to pray for Jodi’s salvation. A few weeks later, Jodi agreed to go to church with Karen, and soon after that, the two women came to our Jews for Jesus Bible study. It was exciting to see Jodi’s openness.

Shortly after that Bible study, I received a call from Karen. She wanted to know if I could get together over lunch to answer some of Jodi’s questions about Yeshua. I arranged a time to meet with them later that week. Karen arrived promptly, and we talked while we waited for Jodi. Fifteen minutes passed, and there was no sign of her. The phone rang, and it was Jodi. She said she couldn’t make it, but she invited us to her house for coffee instead. Karen couldn’t go, so I set out to keep the appointment alone.

Jodi and I talked for about 45 minutes. God had been doing many things in her life, but she was not sure of the part that Jesus played. She did not see that she was separated from God because of sin, but she was starting to feel convicted. She told me that during a revival at Karen’s church, she felt uncomfortable when the pastor gave an invitation to make a commitment to Yeshua. We agreed to meet again the following week to study the Bible together.

The following Wednesday I arrived at Jodi’s house prepared to study Micah 5:2, but God had other plans. We talked for a little while, and Jodi began to ask me about Jesus and my story. I explained my own need for Jesus, and instead of studying Micah, I turned to Jeremiah 31. Jodi saw the implications of the passages and her need to enter the New Covenant. Suddenly she understood the gospel. I asked Jodi if she wanted to acknowledge her need for Jesus and ask him into her life. She said that she did, and I led her in a simple prayer.

As I left Jodi’s apartment, I thanked God for the privilege of praying with her. I also prayed that she would grow in her new faith, and my prayers were soon answered. When I called Jodi later that week, she told me that for the first time in her life, she didn’t feel like she was alone. The following week, I went to visit her, and I was delighted to see other signs of growth. She was reading the Bible, praying, and had a new sense of peace.

I will continue to meet with Jodi. Please join me in praying for her growth and for the salvation of other members in her family.