About a year ago, Gina and I had a picture from our wedding printed in this Newsletter. We have been married for a year now, and our ministry and marriage are going through a major change as we leave the Los Angeles branch to join the Liberated Wailing Wall music team for another tour of duty.

The key word to our work in Los Angeles has been contacts.” A contact is a Jewish person with whom we can share our faith in Jesus or a Jewish believer we are teaching. We pass out literature on college campuses and street corners in order to meet contacts. We ask our Christian friends who receive the Newsletter to send us names of Jewish contacts. We write letters and spend hours on the telephone following up those contacts. And we schedule as many personal visits as possible with those contacts who are interested. We also have a weekly Bible study to teach our contacts how to apply the Word of God in their lives.

Upon leaving Los Angeles to travel with the Liberated Wailing Wall, our key word will change to “bus.” For 18 months we will be living in a converted touring coach with seven others. While singing in churches six nights a week and on Sunday mornings, the Liberated Wailing Wall will do a great deal of traveling. At least two nights a week the team will sleep in berths on the bus while one of us drives approximately 150 miles between scheduled church meetings. We do this in order to avoid wasting prime work time while traveling. Then we are free to pass out tracts during the daytime. We usually go to large university campuses or downtown areas, sometimes bringing our musical instruments to provide gospel music and drama.

I find the mobile evangelistic ministry exciting because we are able to accomplish so much. As our bus pulls up to college campuses and churches across the country, the team is able to sow an incredible amount of seed and gather many contacts. We even see hundreds of people commit themselves to Christ at our concerts. Unlike the locally-based missionaries, however, we do not have the privilege of seeing the entire growth process at work in the lives of individuals we bring to Jesus. Yet, working as a team, we are able to accomplish a great deal to further the work of the gospel among Jewish people in places where we do not have permanent branches.

Please pray for Gina and me as we begin this new phase of our marriage and ministry. Living on a bus with several others or staying as guests in people’s homes provides many opportunities for growth and ministry, but not much privacy. Also, there is a certain physical drain that comes from always being in motion. It usually takes some time to adjust, but we would like to be as effective as possible, as soon as possible. Pray for us, also, that we would be safe drivers.

Also, please pray that the Jewish contacts we have made in Los Angeles will be open to the ministry of others on our local staff, and that God will really use the Liberated Wailing Wall, whether in sowing gospel seed or in helping to reap the harvest, so that many people will come to know Jesus as their Savior.


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