It was a Monday night, a good time to find people at home, and I was calling some Jewish people who receive our bi-monthly publication, ISSUES: A Messianic Jewish Perspective. My purpose was to find out what they thought about Jews and Jesus and whether or not they would be interested in meeting one of our Jews for Jesus staff members to discuss it further. Although most of the people with whom I spoke that evening were not interested, I did have a few meaningful conversations. One of those was with a Jewish woman named Gayle.

At the beginning of our conversation, Gayle told me she enjoyed reading ISSUES. She found it very thought-provoking. As we talked, I gave her my story and spoke of some of the Old Testament messianic prophecies. Gayle listened and said she would be interested in hearing from me again. The following week I called her again and we discussed some more issues concerning Jesus. She also agreed to meet with me in person, and we set up a time.

Before I met with Gayle I was not sure how open she would be, nor about how I should approach our conversation. I praise God, however, that in spite of my inadequacies, as always he proved himself to be more than adequate. During my meeting with Gayle she showed real interest and asked several good, sincere questions.

As we talked, she wrote down several of the Scripture verses we were discussing from Daniel, Jeremiah and Micah. She wanted to study them later for herself. Although to my knowledge Gayle did not make a commitment to Yeshua, God is certainly able to use the seed that was planted in her heart.

Gayle represents many of the Jewish people whom we meet in each of our branches every day. Although she had received a witness before while coaching a volleyball team at a nearby church, she had never really looked into her relationship with God. It may take time, but I believe that eventually Gayle will come to know Jesus.

I would ask prayer for Gayle and for the many others like her whom we contact—Pray that God will soften their hearts and open their eyes to the truth of their Messiah.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Karen wrote this report while on staff with our Jews for Jesus Chicago branch. She is currently living in Oxnard, California, and is a member of the Los Angeles-based Liberated Wailing Wall.