March 1987 Newsletter (5747:5)

Rightly Resisting the Law
March 1, 1987
Author: Moishe Rosen

By the time you read this a crucial event may have taken place. Our case for proclaiming Christ in public places may already have been argued before the Supreme Court of the United States. The high court, however, will not deliver its verdict until July. Then we will know how much of religious freedom and…

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Waves of Transition (Part One)
Author: Gina Moss

I don’t take transitions very well. I suppose not many of us do. We all seem to crave security and normalcy. We all want to be in control of our lives and our environments. Yet, as Christians dedicated to God’s service, we often find ourselves in times of transition. Jews for Jesus is such a…

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Waves of Transition (Part Two)
Author: Joshua Moss

About a year ago, Gina and I had a picture from our wedding printed in this Newsletter. We have been married for a year now, and our ministry and marriage are going through a major change as we leave the Los Angeles branch to join the Liberated Wailing Wall music team for another tour of…

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Follow-Up Phone Calls

It was a Monday night, a good time to find people at home, and I was calling some Jewish people who receive our bi-monthly publication, ISSUES: A Messianic Jewish Perspective. My purpose was to find out what they thought about Jews and Jesus and whether or not they would be interested in meeting one of…

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Co-Laborers in Messiah
Author: Lori McHugh

The Jews for Jesus ministry has been blessed by our Co-Laborers in Messiah,” who serve as volunteer missionary coordinators. These are the people who do much of the “behind the scenes” support work that enhances our outreach. They call churches, provide housing for our mobile teams and speakers and generally make themselves available as the…

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Would You Consider Becoming a Co-Laborer in Messiah?

Do you have a burden for the Jewish people to know their Messiah? Here’s an opportunity for you to learn to work with us as a co-laborer in areas where we do not have an established branch of Jews for Jesus. We need friends to help us coordinate the many behind-the-scenes tasks necessary to advance…

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The Evolution of Some Messiah Legends

The Jewish people have been called the People of the Book, and rightly so. While the lives of so many Jewish people have been spent trying to explain the Torah, it is the Torah that explains the life of the Jewish people. This is seen not only in Jewish history, customs and tradition, but also…

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Our Extended Missionary Family” (Part Two): Excuses Here and There”

From time to time the Jews for Jesus staff is asked to train a worker from another mission society. Recently we hosted two missionaries from The Church’s Ministry Among the Jews (CMJ), a London-based gospel outreach to Jewish people. One of the missionaries, Richard Harvey, has returned to his ministry overseas after working for four…

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You’re Never Too Old
Topics: aging

A long-standing question tossed around by theologians, scholars and the merely curious is this: What is the earliest age at which someone becomes accountable to God in acknowledging the Messiah and being responsible for his or her sins? However, there is another aspect of the accountability question that is not discussed: When, if ever, does…

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The Most Frequent Questions In Jewish Evangelism

QUESTION: I am basically a good person and I am very happy with my own religion, so why should I believe in Jesus? ANSWER: To tell the truth, if everyone were good in God’s sight, nobody would need Jesus, and we would not need to spend our efforts in evangelism. Long ago the Psalmist said,…

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