LiveChat Is Making a Difference!

LiveChat Is Making a Difference!

Rob Wertheim, part of our San Francisco branch, ministers quite a bit to people he meets through “Live Chat” on our website.

Rob reports, “While on Live Chat, I ‘met’ a Jewish man who began believing in Jesus as Messiah less than two years ago. He had grown up Conservative, attended synagogue mainly on the High Holidays, but had a Bar Mitzvah and felt spiritually touched at that point. He became interested in yoga while in college and then found a guru while he traveled to India. Eventually, he came to believe in Jesus as Messiah and Lord.

“It turns out that he has a serious hearing problem and has not really connected with other believers for worship, nor has he gone through any kind of discipleship studies. I asked if we could meet using FaceTime, and he accepted the invitation. So, we have been meeting that way and studying together. Please pray for Pat, that he will grow in his faith and also that his wife, who is not Jewish, will come to know the Lord.”

Also from Rob, “I met with a 70-year-old Jewish man, Larry, on Live Chat. He doesn’t believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and says that he loves traditional, rabbinical Judaism.

“He brought up the subject of the Holocaust and what he sees as Christian anti-Semitism. I explained that Christianity is a faith rather than an ethnicity, and anyone who hates and persecutes Jewish people has departed from the way that Jesus lived and taught.

“The last part of our conversation was especially encouraging to me, so I thought I’d share it with you:

Larry: ‘It seems a Christian is someone who believes Jesus was the Messiah. Do you agree?’

Me: ‘I do, according to the prophecies. Have you looked at Isaiah chapter 53? If not, take a look and let me know who it sounds like it is describing.’

Larry: ‘I will look at it, but will want to ask my rabbi about it.’

“Please pray for Larry to follow through on that, and for him to open his heart to the truth of the Messiah Jesus.”

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