Yarden has been meeting with a woman named Ruth, a contact from last year’s Tel Aviv Behold Your God campaign. Ruth is from an Orthodox background and has been searching for the truth for a long time. Yarden studied the Scriptures with her and Ruth began to see that the only way one can be forgiven is through our Messiah, Yeshua. She began attending church and now wants to be baptized. Ruth is very passionate about her new faith and shares the gospel with unbelievers in her community. Please pray for her faith to continue to grow and be strengthened.

Peter has been meeting weekly with Amit, who has been curious about Jesus ever since his ex-girlfriend shared the gospel with him. He recently prayed with Peter to receive the Lord and has been attending church regularly, growing in his walk. Please pray for Amit to have courage and wisdom as he tells his family about his decision to follow Jesus.


 Heather Blecher reports, Mishpocago (the name of our Midwest Young Adult Ministry) is really taking off! In addition to our ladies Bible study there is now also a men’s Bible study; we have a blog; we have a prayer pushke (collection box) where people can “deposit” their requests at our events; and we have added prayer and worship nights to our regular event rotations. Recently, 26 Jewish believers in Yeshua attended our fellowship event— some drove more than three hours to be there! The group even led the Chicago branch’s annual Passover Seder/Banquet this year. Next month, several of our young adults will be involved in evangelism with Jews for Jesus in New York City, for our Summer Witnessing Campaign, while others will be on Massah in Israel. Please pray for God to continue strengthening this group of young adults as they enjoy fellowship with one another, but also look for ways to serve the Lord.


 Karl deSouza reports, “‘Aaron’ is a Sephardic Jewish man who contacted our MontrTal Outpost in mid-2008. He recently prayed to receive the Lord. After our meeting, I privately prayed he would have that peace from God in Messiah that surpasses all understanding. Later that evening, Aaron called me up and specifically told me how he had peace after our meeting. Praise the Lord! Please pray for Aaron, his family, and for me as I minister and encourage him in Messiah.”


 Oded Cohen reports, “‘Avram’ (who prayed with me in December to receive the Lord) continues to grow in his faith. Mike, who was baptized last fall, is also growing rapidly in his faith and is very much involved in his church. After taking a seminar on witnessing, he and his wife Tanya went out with other church members to share their faith at a shopping mall. Mike is now preparing to lead evangelistic outreaches at his church. He is very bold; he recently visited the synagogue he used to attend and afterwards asked his Jewish friends some probing questions while also sharing what he believed. Please pray for Mike and Tanya to be mightily used by God, and also pray for salvation for Mike’s family.”

Also from Oded, “I received an e-mail from a seminary student who has been faithfully sharing with his Jewish friend, ‘Max.’ We all met at a coffee shop and I shared my story with them. We connected well. ‘Max’ has many sincere questions—so many, that he was concerned about offending me. I encouraged him to freely ask whatever was on his heart. We looked at Isaiah 53; he was not aware of the prophecies of a ‘suffering servant’ Messiah. He found it very interesting, but still cannot grasp how it might be true. However, he is excited about exploring the Scriptures, and he looks forward to getting together again. Pray for Max’s salvation.”


 Anatoliy Emma reports, “During my visit with Alla and Vladimir I did not think they were very open to the gospel. I visited a second time, and then gave the couple the address of a local Messianic congregation. How startled I was to learn, ten months later, that Alla began to visit the congregation right after I met with her! She had been attending the congregation ever since, and had repented and received Jesus as the Lord. Please pray for the spiritual growth of Alla and for salvation for her husband, Vladimir.