New York

Karol Joseph reports, Brenda (not her real name) had been thinking about Jesus for some time, and with all the controversy about The Passion of the Christ she called two days before the movie opened. She had so many questions that we talked for over an hour. I spoke about the prophets’ predictions concerning the coming of the Messiah, and it all rang true to her. She kept coming back to the question of where her father (who has passed away) is now. Clearly this issue was the biggest barrier to Brenda.

“We agreed to talk again after she’d seen the movie. Having seen it, Brenda seemed even more convinced of the truth of the gospel. She had even been talking to people at work about it, which had not gone over well—she works in a Jewish organization!

“Still, the question of her father’s fate disturbed Brenda. We prayed together, and I pointed out that her father would want her to know the truth about Jesus. She prayed with me, receiving Jesus to be her Savior. Please pray for Brenda. She knows that her new beliefs may cost her job as well as the relationships she enjoys with her family and friends. Please also pray for her ten-year-old daughter, as she begins to learn about Jesus for herself.”

Toronto (sort of)

Marcello Araujo reports on Toronto’s cross-country missionary work: “I was in Vancouver two years ago for a missions conference and I happened to meet a Jewish man (not a believer) named Eduardo. We have remained in touch by e-mail and phone. As the months went by, I could see that Eduardo was counting the cost of following Jesus. Praise the Lord, he came to faith in Messiah!”


Leonid Krouter reports, “God showed His authority as I was doing a morning sortie (tract-passing expedition) inside the subway station. A police officer approached me, and told me to leave. I explained to him that I had a legal right to be there. But he didn’t want to listen to me (like most of the Ukrainian police). So I began telling him the gospel. He kept interrupting and saying that he wouldn’t allow me to hand out pamphlets there. But when I continued and asked if he wanted to receive Jesus, he stepped aside and said he was on duty. He turned suddenly and walked away. I continued to hand out tracts and he didn’t approach me again.”

From Natasha Krouter “We did something new in our branch: we had our first fellowship meeting of missionary wives. We shared our experiences and talked about how we are bringing up our children. Then we saw a video by Bruce Wilkerson on the subject of fellowship between husbands and wives. It was wonderful!”


Maxim Ammosov reports, “While on a sortie on Thursday, I noticed a man who had stopped to read a broadside. When he finished reading it he asked me about my background. I told him I am Jewish and he replied, “So am I. Why are you wasting time trying to combine diametrically opposite things: Jewish people and Jesus?” I began explaining to him that Jesus was Jewish, the first apostles were Jewish, and the first Christians were also Jewish. He evidently hadn’t thought about that before and it surprised him. However, he concluded our energetic conversation by saying, ‘I don’t want to listen to this,’ and then he left. To my great joy, he returned fifteen minutes later to take another broadside and an invitation to our Shabbat meeting, though he would not tell me his name. To my even greater joy, he came to the next Shabbat meeting, and not alone, but with a friend.

Unfortunately, they would not come past the door, but stayed there asking questions about our beliefs for a long time. Maybe next time they will come in and hear the message. Please pray for the salvation of this Jewish man and his friend.”