Changing of the Guard, The Liberated Wailing Wall

The Liberated Wailing Wall is a unique ministry that began even before Jews for Jesus was officially incorporated. For those of you who are not familiar with the team, we thought the best folks to describe this unique ministry would be the last leader of the team, as well as the present team leader.

R. Cohen, Team Leader Emeritus”

I lived, breathed and served the Lord on the beautiful Jews for Jesus 45-foot bus/house/office/”traveling billboard for the Lord” for 30 months—a “double” tour. For the second 15 months I was the team leader of The Liberated Wailing Wall. I count it an incredible privilege to have served the Lord, my teammates and the ministry of Jews for Jesus in that capacity.

I rejoice in the triumphs that we saw over the course of two plus years. I rejoice in the growth that I’ve seen in all of the members of The Liberated Wailing Wall. I rejoice in the people who we saw come into the Kingdom and the ones who renewed their walks with the Lord. I rejoice that the hearts of many of God’s people have been won to the cause of Jewish evangelism.

As we handed over the baton to a new team we prayed blessings over them (and all future teams). May the fruit of the Holy Spirit manifest richly in their lives, so that all they do, think and say is done to the glory of our wonderful God and Savior!


Shalom in Messiah from The Liberated Wailing Wall!

Like my previous team leader, I chose to do a double tour, and like her, am serving as team leader in my second term. I also have the perspective of having trained in New York City and having served as a part of the Jews for Jesus Washington, D.C. branch as a full-time missionary before joining this team.

The Liberated Wailing Wall has been traveling the country presenting the good news of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) for over thirty years, and I know that I stand on the shoulders of many who have come before.

Being a part of this mobile evangelistic music team allows us to tell people all over the country about the Messiah. It enables us to play Jewish Gospel music and exercise the creative gifts the Lord has given us. It also affords us amazing opportunities to grow.

I’m encouraged as I see how the Lord changed me through my first term on the road. I can say the same of my teammates with whom I lived, played and ministered every waking moment. You see, much of life on The Liberated Wailing Wall occurs on the bus she mentioned. We have a kitchen, bathroom, shower, bunks—even an office!

In a way our team functions as the traveling branch of Jews for Jesus as we go to places that our ministry would not otherwise be able to reach. But it isn’t always easy. We are not able to escape one another—or ourselves.

Looking back, I remember the conflicts we had as a team, the times we were ready to give up on one another or the times we couldn’t wait to get away from each other. So I can smile when I also remember how the Lord brought us through each trial. Now we are closer to each other and to the Lord because He stretched us and proved Himself to be our Helper. The Lord has blessed us in our ministry so that we might in turn bless Him and tell others about Him.

He truly is the author and perfecter of our faith, and I look ahead expectantly, desiring to see this new Liberated Wailing Wall team grow and flourish in the Lord—as individuals and as a team. I know what growth is possible and I know He is capable of so much more than I can even dream!

Not only that, but I know that He uses us to sow gospel seed everywhere we go! This past tour we saw a parent of one of our own Jews for Jesus missionaries come to faith in the Messiah at one of our meetings! We also prayed with a fourth cousin of Jerry Seinfeld to receive the Lord! Praise the Lord for these and so many others who were touched by the ministry of The Liberated Wailing Wall.

My prayer now is that the Lord will continue to use this new Liberated Wailing Wall for His glory; that we might see many more come to salvation as we travel and offer the Words of Life through music, drama and story. I pray that He will grow us in love and unity and knowledge of Him, and I want to invite you all to join me in those prayers. Thanks to all of you who have loved and supported The Liberated Wailing Wall through your prayers and gifts over the years! God bless you all.

The New Liberated Wailing Wall

We’ve already introduced many of the team members in a previous newsletter, since they have chosen to “re-up” for another year and a half. In addition to team leader Bryon Dorn, Joan Greenberg and Noah Cohen are also continuing for another tour.

The new team members are:

Amy Etinger: Amy sings alto and shares keyboard responsibilities with Joan. A second generation Jewish believer from Canada, she served with us previously on the Jews for Jesus Players and as a missionary in New York. She also served on the Mexico City Behold Your God campaign.

Lydia Jacobs: Lydia sings soprano and plays tambourine and doumbek. She hails from South Florida and her parents are both Jewish believers in Jesus. Lydia is excited to continue the legacy of the last team—which wove Jewish folk dancing into the presentation.

Dwayne Ladner: Dwayne fills the crucial role of bus driver/sound man. As some are fond of saying, the team wouldn’t get anywhere without him. Dwayne is from Knightdale, North Carolina. Prior to joining the team he served with several ministries, including Youth With A Mission.

The new Liberated Wailing Wall began their tour on Saturday, March 1, after finishing work on a new album with the previous members. The new album is titled “Behold Your God” The songs call us to give God praise and glory, to bless His name, to call upon Him from the depths of our need, to love Him with all our heart and might and to understand that there is no other God. We hope that this Liberated Wailing Wall album will encourage believers and nonbelievers alike to behold our great God. Be on the lookout for opportunities to order this new album soon!


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