A Better Way of Giving

Even if you’re not among those who give regular gifts to Jews for Jesus, we’re pleased that you just care enough to read our newsletter. Maybe you’re one of those very special people who share our vision and have come to share our burden by scheduling a place for us on your personal missionary budget. We have some good news for you and all our regular donors.

Just as we’ve looked for new ways and means of proclaiming the gospel, we’ve sought new ways and means of efficiently handling funds. We want to get as much as possible done quickly and practically. We want to get God’s money working faster, going further and accomplishing more. One way of doing more with less effort is through Electronic Fund Transfers. That means that you give us your authorization to have your monthly donation transferred from your bank on the same day each month according to your prayerfully pre-determined schedule of giving. (The bank doesn’t know that you pray, but we hope that’s how you find God’s will for supporting missions.)

We are happy to use whatever our partners provide any way they choose to provide it, but we hope you will consider some good reasons why you might want to use Electronic Fund Transfer:

  1. Electronic Fund Transfer provides you with an accurate, permanent and efficient record of your giving. You’ll receive a record of each gift on your bank statement as well as your regular monthly receipt from Jews for Jesus (unless you request otherwise).
  2. Your donations come to us according to your predetermined policy; you decide in advance what you want to happen. This is particularly helpful to those on fixed incomes. You remain in control. If you need to, you can write and ask us to make a change, or in the event that you want to send more, you can always write an extra check.
  3. In these days, few people have free checking accounts, and bank charges are increasing. With postage stamps, the cost of printing checks and fees for writing them constantly going up, Electronic Fund Transfer can save you money.
  4. Electronic Fund Transfer saves us money because it saves us time in processing the contribution. Data entry and receipting become easier.
  5. Your money goes to work right away. In most cases, it takes four to eight days for us to receive US mail. Monies sent through Electronic Fund Transfer can go to work right away to buy necessary supplies and pay missionaries on the day that you decide to have your donation arrive.
  6. Electronic Fund Transfer saves you several precious minutes of paper work with each donation.
  7. We are able to provide Electronic Fund Transfer at no cost to you.

If you are interested in using this new way of giving, please let us know by sending in the form we are providing in this Newsletter.


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