Question: I have a Jewish friend at work. When I told her what the Lord and the church meant to me, she indicated an interest in hearing more. I told her how I came to Jesus and how God had answered prayer in my life, and she still seemed very interested. The next time we met she was very friendly—until I tried to resume the conversation about Jesus. Suddenly her friendliness turned to a bristling anger. She said, Don’t try to shove your religion down my throat. I’m not interested in becoming a Christian.” I was shocked. What went wrong?

Moishe’s Answer: I know it’s hard to believe, but nothing went wrong. Thus far, you’re on course. Your friend evidently listened to your story and contemplated it. She realized that if what you were saying was true, she also ought to believe it.

You ran into what I call “the resistance of realization.” Your Jewish friend moved from the realm of being curious and into the realm of beginning to understand the larger, frightening issues. The next step should be that she will become a seeker—that is, she’ll decide she needs to know if what you said is true. Keep up the friendship, show that you’re open to conversation, pray for her and get others praying for her. Remember, a show of anger sometimes demonstrates that a person understands what you’re saying and feels defensive. You don’t have to push and you don’t have to persuade. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. Your work is to proclaim, and you seem to have done that quite effectively. Now is the time for you to pray, and if it’s the right time, God Himself will move your friend to faith and commitment in Jesus.


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