June 1996 Newsletter (5756:10)

Do Christians Need to Tell Jews About Jesus?
June 1, 1996
Author: Moishe Rosen

Until recently, evangelical Christians didn’t have to think twice about Jewish evangelism. It was simple. We all knew that the Bible is the Word of God. We accepted as absolutely true the doctrine that all have sinned and that “Jesus is the only way to salvation.” We realized the urgent need to present the gospel…

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Yes, It’s Free!

If you are new to Jews for Jesus, you might wonder about the remit envelope that comes with every newsletter. After all, we asked if you wanted to receive our free monthly newsletter! Please know that we are not asking you to pay for our newsletter. We enclose an envelope for the convenience of friends…

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We Gave Away More Than a Million in a Month
Author: Garrett Smith

More than a million—that’s how many tracts our team of 22 campaigners handed out last year during our 1995 Witnessing Campaign in New York City. We also gathered names and addresses of more than 3,800 individuals who wanted to know more about Jesus. Almost 1,200 of those were Jewish. What amazed me the most was…

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Glimpses of His Glory
Author: Jennifer Hall

We don’t see all the ways God uses us, but sometimes He gives us a glimpse. Last summer was my third Witnessing Campaign in New York City, and I had a great time. One Saturday night, I was handing out tracts and witnessing in the East Village when a man named Robert introduced himself to…

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We’re Glad You Asked
Author: Moishe Rosen

Question: I have a Jewish friend at work. When I told her what the Lord and the church meant to me, she indicated an interest in hearing more. I told her how I came to Jesus and how God had answered prayer in my life, and she still seemed very interested. The next time we…

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The Turning Point
Author: Lynn McCoy

Handing out gospel tracts is one way that we invite people to interact with the gospel. Those interactions often take twists and turns, all within a few minutes. It is amazing to see God at work. A young Jewish man named Rob saw me handing out tracts and approached me. He commented that it was…

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News Flash

Maybe you have already been informed through a letter thanking you for your recent donation…but if not, we couldn’t wait! This is the soonest possible notice we could give you: David Brickner was unanimously nominated by our Council and was unanimously elected by the Board of Directors to be the next Executive Director of Jews…

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Just When It Seemed the Answer Was No…

One thing that missionary work teaches us is that God continues to work, even when we can’t see it. Even so, many of us need reminders of His grace. Amanda called to tell us about a Jewish friend she had been witnessing to at work. Joe was interested in hearing from someone Jewish who believed…

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Bits From the Branches

Jewish Woman Goes to Synagogue and Hears Lecture, Leaves a Believer in Jesus In South Africa, Karen, a new believer in Jesus, told Chief of Station Andrew Barron how she’d come to faith. A young mother who was discontent with her marriage, she was also distressed that her baby was not sleeping. Seeking a solution…

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