Jews for Jesus does not minister to anyone under the age of eighteen without parental consent because we must respect parental rights. However, we do have various programs for children. One is in conjunction with our Ingatherings. Every year we conduct a number of these large regional retreats throughout the United States where we minister to entire Jewish families, including children.

Our Ingathering youth program includes a number of ageappropriate classes on the Bible, as well as games, crafts and other activities. Many of our teachers are ministry staff and spouses who have a great deal of experience. We also have a colorful character called Scripture Man. Costumed either in a cape and tights with a large “S” on his chest like Superman or in a long-haired wig and robe like an old-time prophet, he roams the grounds, stopping to give opportunities to the children to recite Bible memory verses, for which they receive small prizes.

The children absorb a great deal at Ingatherings and even undergo life-changing experiences. At last year’s West Coast Ingathering, three children in the seven-to-eight-year-old group made first-time professions of faith. Two were the son and daughter of one of our administrative staff people in San Francisco.

Much work goes into the preparation for our youth programs, but when I hear reports like this, I know it is all worthwhile