Sometimes standing on a street corner handing out broadsides can seem discouraging. This was particularly true for me in New York City last summer during the Summer Witnessing Campaign. The heat and humidity were oppressive. Sometimes when many seemed unresponsive, even hostile, I thought, Why am I doing this? These people don’t care and don’t want to know.” At moments like that, someone usually came along and said, “Keep up the good work!” or “Praise the Lord,” or something like that. Then I felt like a sailboat drifting on a windless sea when suddenly a breeze fills its sails to propel it to its destination.

Those words of encouragement transformed me from a beleaguered tract passer, a lone prophet on the street corner, to a servant of the Almighty who was aware of God’s invisible hand guiding my actions and thoughts. The encouraging remarks of friendly believers made all the difference.

Again this summer we will be handing out broadsides. It takes much energy and concentration, so please don’t misunderstand if we don’t talk with you very long when you stop by, but we will be encouraged by a kind word or two.

None of us could continue this ministry or even our walk with Yeshua without the encouragement of the family of believers in fellowship and in prayer. It’s not enough to know that when we hand out gospel tracts or engage in other missionary endeavors our work is important and the cause we serve is worthwhile. We are not self-sufficient! We need that extra bit of encouragement that God sends us through our brothers and sisters in Yeshua.

So, the next time you see one of us handing out broadsides on the streets, come over, take a tract and give us a word of encouragement. It will make a difference in how we feel about our work and give us extra zeal to continue in our efforts to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel.


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