June 1989 Newsletter (5749:8)

Why Have a Campaign?
June 1, 1989
Author: Moishe Rosen

As this Newsletter reaches you, Jews for Jesus is gearing up for our 1989 Summer Witnessing Campaign. This kind of street evangelism will probably not become popular in the church because it is so difficult. Some even ask, Why a street witnessing campaign? Isn’t...

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It’s Campaign Time Again

While most vacationers are basking in the sun, picnicking in the parks, camping in the woods and fishing and boating on lakes and rivers, others have chosen to spend their summer in a different manner. July, the season for peaches, strawberries, cherries and...

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The Ministry of Encouragement
Author: Dan Farris

Sometimes standing on a street corner handing out broadsides can seem discouraging. This was particularly true for me in New York City last summer during the Summer Witnessing Campaign. The heat and humidity were oppressive. Sometimes when many seemed unresponsive,...

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Campaign Circus

My skin felt sticky, and my shirt was damp at the shoulder under the strap of the tract bag I was carrying. It was a hot, humid day in downtown Boston. There I stood on the Freedom Trail by Faneuil Hall under the burning sun distributing a tract called Tourist Tsuris....

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Campaign Training
Author: Glenn Harris

I found my two weeks of Campaign training in Chicago quite rigorous but very enjoyable. I appreciated most the lasting things I took with me from that experience. I came away with friendships. As we all strove to meet deadlines, memorize Scripture, and write papers as...

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Egg Creams and Salvation

It was the first day of Summer Witnessing Campaign. After two weeks of intensive training in Chicago, my two teammates, Karen and Eric, and I had just hit the streets of New York City. We felt excited, a bit scared and somewhat tired. The morning sortie (tract...

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More Campaign Memories
Author: Holly R.

Imagine standing on a busy New York City street corner or in a muggy subway hole for two and a half hours. You are handing out gospel pamphlets that you carry in a nylon bag over your shoulder. You smile at thousands of people who hurry by. They have countless things...

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Jewish Heroes You Should Know
Author: Larry Brandt

While many nations have come and gone, generation after generation of Jewish people has survived the worst, most concerted efforts at annihilation the world has ever devised. God preserved his people, often through the heroic responses of individuals who could see his...

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