New Jews for Jesus outpost in Israel!

You might remember that during our Behold Your God Israel campaign in the southern region (Negev/Beer Sheva) last November, 858 Jewish seekers gave their contact information to hear more about Jesus.

Oded Cohen

It took a big team effort to do the initial follow up, and we had a praise report about that in the January edition of RealTime Interest continued, so Oded and Bimini Cohen began spending half their time continuing to follow up with our contacts down south. But then, as Bimini explains,

“So many people in the south wanted to meet with us regularly that we could no longer fit all the visits into a half-time schedule. We asked to move to Beer Sheva so we could minister to our contacts there full-time. Our God, in His bountiful provision, provided a home for us in record time—within three days of our hearing the move was approved! Our new home even has a bomb shelter! (It may sound strange in the U.S., but it’s a blessing here since the south has been hit with a barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip.)

“We are very excited and would especially ask you to pray for the precious fledglings (new believers) we are ministering to in Israel, including ‘Rotem,’ ‘Miki,’ ‘Noam,’* and others.

“Like most of the Jews for Jesus missionaries, we were away for a ‘Christ in the Passover’ tour for part of March and April, sharing in churches in the United States. Rotem, who prayed with Oded to receive the Lord just a few months ago, has grown so much in his faith and listens to the mp3 New Testament for hours each day. While we were on tour, he wrote to us:

Bimini Cohen

“‘I’m reading and studying a lot about Yeshua’s way and I also met with ____ and ____ (names withheld, a couple that leads a Bible study in his home town). I’m also writing to you because I am missing you a lot. Thank you that you showed me the way of truth and that you prayed for me. Thank you very much.’

“While we were gone, we also missed our other ‘fledglings’ in Israel, including Miki (who prayed with Oded to receive the Lord in December) and her teenaged son Noam (who I am now teaching the Bible to). During our last visit, we also met Miki’s mom and brother (who has already read a book about Jesus and loved it). When we shared with them the happy news that we were moving south, Noam happily responded, ‘We will be neighbors. Can you come every day?’

“We’ve made our move and are on Sabbatical for a good part of the summer, so we’ll officially begin our full-time ministry here in September. Please pray for God to continue working in the hearts and lives of those we are ministering to in this region.”

*Not their real names


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