July 2014 Newsletter (5774:11)

Bonus photos of summer outreach leaders
June 17, 2014

Click here to see the faces of various leaders we asked you to pray for in our Summer Outreach Prayer Calendar.

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Jews for Jesus Prayer Requests

Jews for Jesus invites you to pray for these specific requests.

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Hello Israel

Bet you didn’t know this fun fact about Israel

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New Jews for Jesus outpost in Israel!

We’re excited to tell you about our growing work in Israel and how God has blessed the follow-up from out last Behold Your God Israel campaign.

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So What?
Author: Ruth Rosen

Here’s an opportunity to see how two of these month’s articles can apply to your own life and witness as we ask ourselves, Can we genuinely hear others’ concerns without being constrained by them?

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The Results are Worth the Risks
Author: Avi Snyder

Modern day Nazis are among the various kinds of opposition we face when standing for Jesus publicly. But great opportunities crop up when we stand our ground.

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David Brickner Invites You to Hear a Serious Message from Moishe Rosen

After writing his article, David Brickner said, “Remember Moishe’s message that we recorded–the one where he tells how his father first reacted to his faith in Jesus? Let’s make that recording an onlinextra.” So we did—and here it...

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Harsh Words

The purpose of truth telling is not to offend, but Jesus Himself knew that some would take offense at His sayings. We should not seek to offend people . . . but do we avoid it at all costs?

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Summer Outreach Prayer Calendar
June 16, 2014

Our print newsletter had a prayer calendar insert so you can be lifting up our outreaches all throughout July. You can see that calendar here. As a bonus, we’ve got photos of some of the people you’ll be praying for those leading the...

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