Laura Barron reports, “I first heard about Sharon* through Dan Sered, who leads our work in Israel. She had ordered the Hebrew translation of our book of Messianic prophecies, Yeshua,the Jewish Way to say Jesus. Dan passed on her contact info because she lives in Canada. I phoned her and we seemed to connect right away. When she told me that she would be coming to Toronto we arranged to meet for coffee.

“I could see that she was definitely on a spiritual journey and searching for truth. I told her my story and explained the gospel to her. Sharon said that she had a lot to think about after our first meeting.Shortly after our second visit, she mentioned that she was going to Israel to visit family, but she also wanted to meet other Jewish believers there to talk more about faith in Jesus.

“It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit works through our ministry as a global network. Sharon said that she wouldn’t have a phone or long-term address during her travels in Israel, but she would access her Facebook page regularly through Wi-Fi. I messaged a co-worker in Israel through Facebook: he contacted her through Facebook and they arranged to meet. He was able to tell her his story, which resonated with her own spiritual quest.

“I know that I can reconnect with Sharon when she returns to Canada, but also I know that wherever she is, God is working in her life and it’s easy to connect her with other believers for further ministry. I am so grateful for how instant and personal communication can be in the 21st century. But the most timeless and effective form of ministry still remains true and unchanging—prayer. Please pray with me for Sharon, that God will meet her wherever she goes to draw her to Yeshua.”

Washington, D. C.

Deb Dubin reports, “In May 2011, Stephen Katz, our branch leader, parked his Jews for Jesus vehicle at a local shopping area and a Jewish woman named Lisa approached him with some questions. She gave him her email address and he asked me to follow up.

“Though originally from France, Lisa’s English is fluent. She believes that Jesus had to be much more than a rabbi. She has a Bible and has been reading it on her own … when no one’s around. She also has a Christian friend who has impressed her. She was very open to hearing about how I came to believe in Jesus as the Messiah, so I was able to share my story during that first visit. 

“Then, during a visit to the DC branch, Jeremy Saadoun and Chantale Onana (two of our missionary trainees who speak French fluently) came with me to visit Lisa. She wiped tears from her eyes as she heard Jeremy’s story of what Jesus had done in his life.  

I am thankful that we have the privilege to speak truth into people’s lives as a team as described in 1 Corinthians 3:6. One of us plants, another waters, but only God’s Spirit can provide the increase. Please pray for Lisa to be saved.”

New York City

Josh Turnil reports, “Brooklyn has some of the most Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in New York. Karol Joseph has had interesting contacts among the Hasidic community there and encouraged me to join her to hand out Isaiah 53 pamphlets.

“After about fifteen minutes someone starting yelling at us. It seemed as if the man could not notice me despite my best efforts to engage him in a conversation and give Karol some respite. As I attempted to distract him, another Hasidic man tapped me on the shoulder and asked politely, ‘Are you handing these out?’

“When I responded affirmatively, he smiled and said, ‘I’m very glad to meet you, I’ve been reading Philippians and wanting to talk to someone about it.’ It was rather surreal: in one ear I could hear the rantings and railings against my colleague and in the other the polite and sincere tone of an Orthodox Jew who was delighted to meet us.

“It turns out Isaac came to faith in Jesus (recently) through a local radio program. He and I have been studying the Bible off and on, but his rabbi friends would like him to stop seeing me. Please pray that Isaac grows in his faith and that others would continue to come to Yeshua, despite the pressure they face.”

* not her real name