Richard Muller reports, Marc is engaged to a Christian who has been telling him about Jesus. Since he is Jewish he decided to check out our website, and was interested enough to leave us his contact information. I met with him and his fiancTe last December, and then I met again with just Marc the following month. He had already begun attending church. His main objections to faith seemed to be the problem of evil in the world and Jesus being God—and we addressed both those issues from the Bible. As we studied,Marc came to understand who Yeshua is. He now believes Jesus is the Messiah and has been continuing to attend church. Please pray that his faith will grow and that he will understand the importance of baptism and discipleship.


Morgan Rapp, who is currently interning with our Israel missionaries, has had opportunities to accompany them on some visits in the Upper Galilee region. One man, Gozal, was so excited to study the Scriptures that he prepared for their visit by studying the book of Proverbs. Gozal told Morgan how he admired Proverbs 31 and even read it to his daughter. Morgan replied that she liked that chapter, but that she especially appreciated a verse in the previous chapter, Proverbs 30:4, “Who has gone up to heaven and has come down?Who has gathered the wind in His fists? Who has bound the waters in His garments?Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is His name, and what is His Son’s name?” Gozal read the verse for himself and was stunned. He read it over and over, and finally said, “Wow, you can’t get clearer than that. Who else could they be talking about besides the Lord’s Son?” Please pray for Gozal as he continues to study the Scriptures and learn more about Yeshua.


We’ve said it over and over and it still holds true: one of our most fruitful sources for meeting Jewish seekers who respond to the gospel is Christian friends like you! Jason, one of our missionaries in South Africa certainly found that to be true when Cathy, a Christian, contacted our office. She expressed her concern for a Jewish friend, Gerald, who did not believe in Jesus. Cathy wondered how she could minister to him in a loving way. Jason was happy to follow up Cathy’s request for us to contact her friend. He reports,

“Gerald agreed to meet with me and I had the opportunity to tell him how I came to believe in Jesus. Since I am not Jewish, I also mentioned how my wife, who is Jewish, did not believe in Jesus when we first met. Gerald was surprised and interested to hear more. As I told him more of my own story, as well as my wife’s, Gerald was open and had many good questions.

“I invited him to come to our Friday night congregation, Beit Yeshua and to my surprise Gerald showed up that same Friday. He let me know he was glad to have joined us, and he became an occasional visitor. In the meantime, he and I met to study the Bible. I began to see a change in him as he took more initiative in discussing Jesus. One day, I could see that God was answering my prayers for Gerald, and I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to explain what it means to receive Jesus as Savior, and to invite him to do so. That day, Gerald received his salvation.

“I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy and hope for all who do not yet know Jesus. I realized once more how God answers our prayers and how we need to have faith in Him. Gerald now attends church almost every Sunday with Cathy and we are still in touch. He recently visited us at Beit Yeshua and said that he was really excited about joining us for the upcoming holiday events. Praise God for the amazing work which he has done in Gerald’s life, and please continue to pray for Gerald as he walks in the Lord’s ways.”