There are many ways to share our faith. Most of us, if we have a choice, prefer discussing Jesus with friends who have shown an interest in Him. But the world is full of people who may or may not have Christian friends with whom to discuss these things. Can God use you in some of their lives, just because they happen to see that you are a Christian by your T-shirt? He can! And if you want Him to, He will!

Being on vacation . . . in a warm climate . . . among people you don’t know . . . it’s the perfect time to be a “walking billboard” for Jesus.

If you choose to “wear your witness” you may find that people will approach you with a question or comment. Nothing could be easier. Or, if a person is staring at your gospel T-shirt for a few seconds, you might have to draw them out a little. You can smile and say “Hi.” The person will either look away, or return your greeting. They might take the opportunity to make a comment or ask a question. Or they might wait for you to take the next step.

If the latter, you can look at your shirt and then back at the person, still smiling and make a little joke: “I saw you looking at my shirt and thought maybe I spilled something on it.” At that point, it is likely that you will hear their question or comment. But if not, you can ask, “Have you thought much about Jesus?” The other person will either end the interaction or indicate an interest.

The type of T-shirt you choose might also have a bearing on who will approach you.

The obvious

A very straightforward T-shirt like “Jesus Loves You” can be just the sign that God wants to use to answer a person’s prayer. Imagine someone walking down the street, silently praying, “God if Jesus is real, please show me.” They look up and that very moment they “happen” to see your shirt that says “Jesus Loves You.” How great would it be to have a part in God’s answer to that person’s prayer? It doesn’t happen every day, but it happens. You might also find yourself approached by someone who says, “I’ve been thinking about Jesus a lot lately so it’s really interesting to me to see your shirt just now.” What a golden opportunity! You can find shirts like this by searching the Internet for “Christian T-shirts” or “Jesus Loves You T-Shirts.”

The double-take

Jews for Jesus specializes in this sort of shirt. Slogans like “Jesus Made Me Kosher” are especially helpful in catching the attention of Jewish people. It’s not uncommon for someone to wonder aloud what you mean by that slogan. You can say, “Well, I believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and even though I am not Jewish (unless of course you are), I have been made okay with God through Him.” Depending on their response, you may or may not be able to take it further. But even if that’s all you say, it’s a seed planted.

To order a Jesus Made Me Kosher T-shirt, go to our website, or you can call 415-864-2600 x173 (8 A.M. to 5 P.M. PST M-F). If you do not need customer service but just wish to place an order, you can call 1-877-463-7742 at any time.

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