Yoel Ben David reports, “God brought an Orthodox man to our door asking for food for his family. I invited him in and as I looked for a few cans of food to give him, I mentioned that we were believers in the Brit Hadashah (New Covenant). He then asked if I would answer a question or two for him. I said “Of course!” Shahar and I talked for a little over an hour in our kitchen. As he ate we discussed the major prophecies regarding Messiah. Shahar did not come to faith in Y’shua, though he kept agreeing with my conclusions on the Scriptures, saying, ‘Well, you can’t argue with what is written.’ He agreed to meet again soon. Please pray that he and his family will find food for their souls in Y’shua, the bread of life.”


Richard Muller reports, “I enjoy meeting and schmoozing (chatting) with people from other fields when I represent Jews for Jesus at missions conferences. One such person is Evans, who specializes in witnessing to people in Freemasonry. Freemasonry involves secret societies in which people swear allegiance to ‘the Architect of the Universe.’ Evans and I became good friends, but I didn’t expect the friendship to affect my ministry. When I heard he was coming into town for the Toronto Missions Fest, we arranged to have dinner together later in the week.

“After the Missions Fest, but before my dinner with Evans, I was making ministry phone calls and connected with Nathan, who was Jewish and claimed to follow Christ but was a Master Mason. Like other Masons, he saw many ways to God, and did not think that Christ was the only way of salvation.

“I have been with Jews for Jesus for a little more than three years and this was the first time I’ve come across a Masonic Jew—and it was just as my friend the ex-Mason was in town! Evans gave me some useful information that I hope will help Nathan, along with our own information. Please pray that Nathan comes to understand that faith must be centered in Christ and that our allegiance cannot be to any other person or path.”


Maxim Ammosov reports, “I received an e-mail from a woman requesting addresses of Jewish believers in Jesus in Vladivostok, a distant Russian city on the Pacific Ocean coast. I asked why she wanted such information. Tatyana replied that she was Jewish and believed in Y’shua (Jesus), but could not find anyone to talk to about Him. She called a Messianic group in St. Petersburg. They suggested she contact Jews for Jesus in Moscow— 5,000 miles away! She included her phone number in the e-mail so I called. She was very happy to hear from me; I read to her from the Gospel of John 3:1-8 and told her what it means to be born again. Tatyana wanted very much to be born again. We prayed the sinner’s prayer over the phone, across all those miles. Hallelujah! Now we correspond via email. Please pray for Tatyana’s spiritual growth and that she will find a congregation of believers in Vladivostok.”


Michael Sischy reports, “I have been visiting with Harry for the last three years. During this time, the Lord has slowly been changing Harry and drawing him to Himself. As we read the Scriptures Harry started to learn what it meant to forgive and be forgiven, and saw how Jesus came to forgive us. I had been away for a good six weeks this past March and April. I was anxious to find out how Harry was doing, as he had started to attend church during the last part of 2006. It was good to meet with him again. He informed me, almost as if in passing, that he had been baptized and had all his family come and attend! I nearly fell over. What a lovely present to hear this news. Harry is 77—God is good.”