People think it takes courage to stand out on the street corner to proclaim the gospel. But there is another kind of courage that enables people to sit behind a computer day after day, typing information that keeps a ministry like ours in communication with folks like you, as well as with Jewish seekers who are willing to hear from us.

DRUM is an acronym for Donor Records Update and Maintenance, but you have to understand that Don Walker, who heads the department, also plays the drums. Most of us suspect that fact has influenced the name that Marty (Don’s wife) came up with for the department formerly known as Communications.

The department has a mission statement which declares that they exist to process all mail in a timely and efficient manner, while keeping in mind that there is a real person behind every document posted.

All donations, additions to our mailing list, deletions, address changes and letter of witness requests* are handled by DRUM.

One thing the rest of headquarters staff knows about DRUM is, they always have plenty of snacks. Donuts seem to be their favorite. Every once in a while, you can hear loud cheers emanating from the department. This either means that the Giants/Forty-Niners (depending on the time of year) have won a game…or better yet, someone who was on our mailing list as a Jewish seeker has informed us that they now believe in Jesus, and their mailing list status is being changed to that of a Jewish believer.

The staff in DRUM consists of:

Myrna Tinsley, who hails from Eugene, Oregon. She has been with Jews for Jesus since 1982.

Joel Rickert, who hails from Detroit, Michigan. He has been with Jews for Jesus since 1984.

Michael Butcher, who hails from Eureka, California. He began with Jews for Jesus as a Co-Laborer (volunteer) in 1981 and has been on our staff since 1988.

Melisa Blankenship, who hails from Daly City, California. She has been with Jews for Jesus since 1991.

Eric Carlson, who hails from Phoenix, Arizona. He has been with Jews for Jesus since 1995.

Ruth Hartman, who hails from San Jose, California. She has been with Jews for Jesus since 1998.

Roger Herrington, who hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has been with Jews for Jesus since 2000 and brings most of the snacks.

Linda Drake, who hails from Redding, California. She has been with Jews for Jesus since 2003.

Craig Litoija, who hails from San Diego, California. He has been with Jews for Jesus since March of 2004.

Don Walker, head of the department since 1987, who hails from St. Louis, Missouri. He has been with Jews for Jesus since 1985.

*Our Letter of Witness Program provides you with an opportunity to help us reach your Jewish friends for Jesus. At your request, we will send your Jewish friend a letter explaining how one of us came to believe in Jesus. We will include a copy of ISSUES, our bi-monthly publication for Jewish seekers, and offer your friend a free subscription if he or she is interested. We will also give them an opportunity to indicate if they would like a free book telling more about Yeshua (Jesus), as well as letting us know whether they would welcome a phone call or visit from one of our staff or volunteers.

In order to request a letter of witness for your Jewish friend, you must provide their home address as well as your own name and address. Though we will keep your name anonymous (unless you specify otherwise) we do need the information for our files. Request a letter of witness for your Jewish friend today! Send your request to: Jews for Jesus, 60 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.


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