July 2003 Newsletter (5763:11)

Let’s Get the Party Started
July 1, 2003

Well it is party time for Jews for Jesus this month—time for our New York Summer Witnessing Campaign! Some of the Jews for Jesus missionaries and volunteers who read this might wonder, What is he talking about?!” After all, the Summer Campaign is one of the...

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The BYG Pic

With four Behold Your God campaigns coming up next month we thought we had better get a jump start on telling you about at least two of them: Seattle and Cleveland. From the breathtaking mountain ranges and the evergreen-covered scenery to the salmon-rich waters and...

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Ten Ways that Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaigns Have Changed

1. Tract bags: Our tract bags in the ’70s consisted of old army surplus shoulder bags. These could hold about 800 tracts—5 bundles of 100 tracts straight across, and then 3 more tightly wedged in sideways. You could always tell they were full by the way the...

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Prayers Answered at Passover

Thanks to those of you who prayed for all our missionaries who were out presenting Christ in the Passover” for our spring tours in April. We thought you would be encouraged to hear a few of the good things that happened as a result. Good Friday was Good Indeed!...

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