This is not exactly a Bit from the Branch” but since we have asked you on occasion to pray for the salvation of our family members, we wanted to share this simcha (joy) with you:

Bruce Rapp reports, “I had a chance to visit with my father in Southern Florida before my Passover tour. He has been ill for some time and I was afraid that I may not have another chance to be with him. I had been witnessing to him on the telephone for the past few months. He would listen and allow me to pray for him, but that was about all. “On this visit, whenever I talked to my father, my stepmother, Edie (also Jewish), was always close by, listening quietly. Finally, one morning Edie began to ask me questions about Jesus. I explained how God gave us Yeshua (Jesus) as the final sacrifice for our atonement, and showed her the parallels with the Passover lamb. She began to cry, and when I asked her if she would like to ask God for forgiveness for her sins and receive Yeshua she said yes! My stepmother repeated the sinner’s prayer with me—praise God!

“Pray for Edie’s faith to grow and be strengthened. And please pray for my father Marty’s salvation.”


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