July 2000 Newsletter (5760:11)

Evangelism and Prayer
July 1, 2000

I can’t exactly prove it. However, I believe that July remains one of our most fruitful months for evangelism because of the increased prayers on our behalf during this time. If you read last month’s newsletter you know we are holding our annual witnessing...

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Dear Jews for Jesus

Last July we received the following encouraging letter. Hope it will encourage you to pray for our New York City Campaigners as they hand out tracts this 4th of July. (We’ve enclosed the tract to which the writer refers.) Dear Jews for Jesus, Words fail me…but I...

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The Prayer Push
Author: Karol Joseph

I sensed the first time I met Rhonda that it was only a matter of time before she would accept Jesus as her personal Savior. Only a few days after Rhonda met one of our volunteers at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto during our Summer Witnessing Campaign,...

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A Message from Moishe on Prayer
Author: Moishe Rosen

Ilearned to protect my intimacy with God early on in my Christian life. It is not that I hoard my relationship with God for fear that another person will become His favorite. It is just that somehow the very intimate aspects of a relationship seem to me to become...

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More Campaign Stories from 1999

We didn’t have enough space last month to print all the encouraging campaign stories from 1999, so thought we’d include a few more to inspire you to pray for this year’s Campaigns. It was Keith Greenberg’s first sortie (tract-passing...

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40 Years of Camping Wasn’t Enough: Camp Gilgal
Author: Josh Sofaer

Long summer days, laughter, mediocre food, friends forever, crazy skits, games, songs and a campfire. These are memories that many people associate with their summer camp experiences. But if you were a Jewish kid who’s been to the Jews for Jesus-sponsored Camp...

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Bits from the Branches

Missionary trainee Dinah Sered reports from New York, Our computer-generated directions simply were not getting my husband Dan and me to our destination: a church in Brooklyn where we were to speak. As soon as we realized we were headed toward Queens, we got off the...

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