July 1999 Newsletter (5759:11)

Integrity and Faithfulness
July 1, 1999

We all know how upsetting it is to see a believer turn away from Jesus—whether it’s denying the faith outright or committing a grievous sin that shows that person’s heart has strayed far from the Lord. We wonder, How could this have happened?” Often we find that long before a person showed outward signs of […]

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What to Say When They Say…
Author: Moishe Rosen

After all my parents have done for me, how could I allow myself to believe something that would hurt them so much? They would be devastated if I believed in Jesus.” One of the Ten Commandments is to honor your father and your mother and, throughout the Bible, we find that a certain respect and […]

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Campaign Stories

As you pray for our 1999 Summer Witnessing Campaigns, we thought you might enjoy seeing proof of the power of prayer from last year’s Campaigns … Re: our weakness and God’s strength From Donetsk in Ukraine Valeriy B. had reported The most blessed days in my life have been those spent on the Campaign. Every […]

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Be Wise as Serpents, Yet Gentle as Doves
Author: Rob Wertheim

It had been three years since I’d taken part in one of our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaigns, and there seemed to be more opposition than I recalled from previous summers. For example, I was handing out tracts at the 14th Street/Union Square subway station when a man named David showed up wearing a […]

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Story of a Russian Israeli

It used to be that my life would begin each Friday at noon. That was when my last class was over and I was free to do what was then most important to me: find the hevreh” (gang, group of friends) and plan our weekend. We all wanted to have as good a time as […]

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Halutzim: A Short-Term Mission Involving Jewish Teenagers for Jesus
Author: Josh Sofaer

Halutzim (pronounced ha-lootz-eem) is Hebrew for pioneer.” It is also the name of a Jews for Jesus program to develop young pioneers who will help us make the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide. We bring ten teens to New York City for two weeks of evangelism, seeing Jewish sites […]

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Bits from the Branches

From Paris, Kate Fryer reports, Office worker Michelle and I arrived at the office to find the shop front had been completely smashed to pieces and the Juifs pour JTsus (Jews for Jesus) sign was missing. Neighbours had seen a gang of youths on motorbikes carrying out the vandalism. We were a bit shaken up […]

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