The key Jewish objection about Jesus is that most Jewish people, while not actively religious, are socially and culturally indoctrinated against faith in Jesus. As a result, there are many Jewish people in the Boston area whom I cannot easily reach because of the cultural barriers set up by the Jewish community to protect itself from the proclaimed gospel.

This is why it is so important for lay people to be witnessing to their Jewish friends. Most of the open” Jewish people I meet come across my path through referrals from Christian friends. Such was the case with Mr. and Mrs. Goldman.

The Goldmans are elderly people in a suburban area south of Boston. A Christian woman decided to use her hairdressing skills to increase her effectiveness in her own ‘mission field’ which was the Goldmans’ neighborhood as well as hers. She volunteered her time to cut hair once a month. After meeting the Goldmans, she began witnessing to them almost immediately! In time, she asked if they would be open to visiting with a Jewish person who believed in Jesus. Mr. Goldman agreed, and I went down to see them one cold winter day.

Mrs. Goldman was ill with Alzheimer’s disease, and I spent most of my visit with Mr. Goldman. After our talk, he brought out his prayerbook to recite the traditional Hebrew afternoon prayers. Though not very open to the gospel, he was open to talking and relating to me as a Jew, and I was encouraged for that.

When it was time for me to leave, Mr. Goldman surprised me by asking if I would pray for his wife. We were all in a circle, and joined hands. I prayed for the health of the Goldman family and, more importantly, that they would both come to know their Messiah, promised from old through Moses and the prophets. Mrs. Goldman, who could not speak, began to weep as I prayed for her. I left, encouraging Mr. Goldman to think of the things that we had talked about, hoping that God would work a miracle in his life and the life of his dying wife.

I have not seen the Goldmans in some time, but I am confident that my friend is still cutting their hair and sharing the good news with them. I hope that this story is a source of encouragement to our many friends who know and care for Jewish people. We encourage you to get to know them, find out about their faith and share your story with them. We are confident that God’s word will not return void, and that you will be blessed, as God promises, when you honor his people of the promise by telling them of the greatest promise of all-new life in the Messiah, king of Israel!


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Andrew Barron | Toronto

Missionary Director

Andrew Barron is the Director of Jews for Jesus Canada. He and his wife Laura live in Toronto with their children Rafael, Ketzia and Simona. Andrew first heard the Gospel while a science student at Florida Institute of Technology. A friend shared a Gideon’s New Testament with him and challenged him to read it. Andrew used to work as a crew activity planner and orbit designer on the early Space Shuttle Missions.

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