It is said about Jesus Christ that he stands at the door and knocks. I like to talk about God, our Savior, and I walk from one apartment to another and knock on all doors to find those who are willing to listen to me.

On one of my knocks one day, a man by the name of Izya opened the door. I explained about the purpose of my visit—to have a discussion about God. Izya took out of his pocket a small tattered piece of paper, and handing it to me explained, This is my god.” The crumpled piece of paper had on it a picture of a young woman with a child in her arms. Izya explained that for 28 years, this icon had been helping him in many difficult circumstances of life when he prayed to it.

At this time, his wife Asya showed me a statue of a man’s likeness made from glowing phosphorous and said, “I am in fear of this doll because it answers my requests when I pray and talk with him.”

Izya and Asya are immigrants from Russia. Having been born in a godless country, they completely lost their Jewish identity. Unsatisfied, their souls had turned to superstition. They don’t believe in the living God, but worship idols.

As a gift, I gave these spiritually poor people a Bible. I have visited them and already I see the influence of God’s Word. They don’t pray to their “gods” any more. They have willingly left them at my disposal. I cannot say that they already believe in Jesus Christ as their Messiah, but they love God’s Word. They read the Bible and willingly listen to my talks. I have given them as gifts many evangelical songs on cassettes. Their son took a special liking to them and now also has an interest in God’s Word.

The experience with Izya and Asya tells me that God’s Word is alive and active in our days also. Friends, please pray about this family. Pray also for me as I knock on the doors of many who are spiritually sleeping.


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